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Sara was a normal school girl,she was walking home from school and asked her friend if shed like to sleep over because
it was a weekend Jessica said yes,Ok then jess say my house 6 o clock,Yea sure jessica replied.They carried on walking
until they came to there green wear both sara and jessica lived 3 houses away from one another.Seeya at 6 o clock then
jess.yea seeya soon.
At 6 o clock,sara heared the door bell go and invited jessica in .I see your mum out said jessica , yea all night it
just gonna be use tonight, replied sara ,this should be fun said jessica..The girls got into there pejamier looking at
one anther bodys as they were changing..The girls look at each other and kissed.They then went to saras bed and got
comfortable and relaxed,As they were going through the channels up pop a show of jerry springer ,this show was about
women telling there families they were lezbian .They were show to women kissing which turned the girls on a little.Sara
said: i wonder what thats like,Yea i do to replied jessica.Sara then slipped her hand in jessicas pants slipping her
fingers in and fingering jessica lightly ,jessica then did this to sara making her cum...the girl couldnt wait for the
next time!

                                                                                         Oh my god!

I was an air staward and was on my first flight to england for chicago the flight takes around 12 hours.I was working
with another women called jennifer she was a lez and often made a play for new staff.This made me more excited about the
flight as i was lez myself.I finally meet jennifer a very slim ,tall,beautiful women.As we bored the passangers jennifer
told me to take my seat ready to set of so i did as i was told.Jennifer was soon next to me.As soon as she had put her
belt on she started to cares my leg i open my legs wider to give her more room to play is she so wish...The light went
out telling use that i was time for use to do our job.I couldnt wait to taste her!About 5 hours into the flight when all
the passangers were a sleep of watching a movie.I took my seat shortly jennifer was seated next to me.She rested her
hand on my leg then it quickly found its say in my panties fingering me slowly two fingers at first then thre.she
managed to bring me too orgasm .wave after wave of pleasure i was in heaven she slipped her fringers out and held the
too her mouth licking my juices off her fingers. i wanted to repay her for her services but the bell went indicating
someone wanted assistence jennifer rose from her seat kissing me.i waited for her too return and quickly she did.i did
as she did fingering her slowly getting faster and harder i managed too bring her too orgasm she was enjoying it i was
so pleased i got hard cum on my fingers sucking the juices off as she also did too me..
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i luv it!
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