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Part 4 !

Yoko rolled on the bed, hugging a cuddly toy and grinning happily. She chucked the toy on the floor and leapt on her
bed, hiding her screams of joy. She kissed the pendant necklace she had stolen from her sister and sat down, and
concentrated. A picture of her and Kuay appeared beside her. She picked up a pink highlighter from her desk and drew a
heart above them. Kuay had contacted her through Michi's pendant. He had spoken to Yoko-only she knew this- and Yoko had
talked for three hours. Kuay liked her, she could tell. It was so cute! The way he blushed when he talked, and the way
he was stumbling over his words. Yoko was thrilled, could hardly eat her dinner. Michi was clueless, and Yoko was glad.
Michi wouldn't like Kuay-she always went for protection and loyalty, not cuteness and freedom, like love should be. Yoko
knew this was love. Kuay was perfect. He loved all the things Yoko did- film-watching, partying, riding his own horse
... Yoko knew he was the one. Her parents and Michi wouldn't approve. They believed in long peroids together until
settling down. Yoko frowned. Didn't they believe in love at first sight? True love? Yoko picked up a pen and paper and
began doodling. She wrote KUAY across the top, then YOKO coming down from the Y in KUAY. She crossed it out. It seemed
to look like Kuay was at the top, in charge, in control. Yoko didn't like that. She was in charge, in control, no matter
how cute the boy was. She turned the page over and wrote YOKO going down, and KUAY coming across from the K in YOKO.
Much better. 
Michi stood outside the door, looking at her baby sister unhappily. It was too soon, she didn't know Kuay well. She
wasn't stupid, but Michi noticied how Yoko was at dinner. She heard the conversation between the "couple". It upset her.
Kuay was older than her, and too old for Yoko. Yoko was still drawing her and Kuay. She was an amazing artist. Michi
almost cried. It was her fault. Her fault for dragging Yoko into this. Without her, Yoko would not be a freak, not have
met Kuay, and grown up to be a fantastic artist kazillionaire. But instead, she was a cat-girl spirit-thing, roped into
something to big and too frightening for her. The dragon Yjo Long fight yesterday - Yoko should never have seen that.
She was too young to see her sister kill a dragon spirit. She had seemed so young, when Michi turned to look at her
after the fight. Yet she had seemed so old when she herself was attacking the second dragon. Older than 15. Older than
Michi. It was Michi's instinct, wasn't it? Look after her younger sister? Protect the weak? But was Yoko that weak,
younger baby sister she had been a year ago? No. That was simple. But she shouldn't rush. Kuay might be violent, evil,
unloyal. The last thing Michi wanted was her sisters heart broken. Was she heaping too much on herself, should she let
Yoko live her own life? Michi kneeled down, put her crying eyes in her face. She was confused. She was scared. She was
worried what these new powers would do to her sister, and should she stand back or protect her. Who was going to protect
Eveanna sat in her black chair. She smiled an evil smiled and lay back. The drape behind her showed Michi crying and Yoko laughing in her room. Her plan was working. A shadow appeared in front of her. "It's started." the shadow said. "Good." Eveanna laughed.
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Chiaki says :   3 August 2007   986571  
I think this story is great!!! You go girl! Check out some of my stories! 
(Although it's very long, pleas bear with it ...

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