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Part 3 !

Yoko was confused, yet Michi was calm. It didn't matter how or what she had done, except she was brave enough to do it.
Yoko stared at her big sister and gasped. A faint red-pink glow was coming off her. 
A dark(not skinned, not racist) woman in a blood-red dress sat in a throne of black wood. She finished carving "Eveanna"
on the chair with her long claw-like nails. A shadowy male figure stood watching.  She turned to him. Her red eyes
glowed. "Go..." she whispered, and the figure faded away. A large cloth picture of the girls hung on the wall. She drew
a large cross on Yoko with her nail, and cut the pendant from Michi's neck. 
Michi had just caught her breath when another Yjo Long came round the corner. Not again. Yoko, this time, began hurling
arrows at the beast, and daggers from her back. This time, the beast seemed to go in a matter of seconds. Yoko smiled,
and Michi felt proud. Yoko whooped, and punched the air. The spirit at the bottom of the valley laughed, and stood up.
He was a boy, around 17. Huge black cat ears sprung from his head, but no tail. He got up, and shook Yoko's hand. She
blushed.  "I'm not a spirit. I'm like you, a Tien Shyr, but of another world. You get my thanks." His dark eyes fixed on
Yoko, and he kissed her on the cheek. Yoko almost exploded. Michi laughed at the expression on Yoko's face, and her face
fell by the expression on the boy's at her laugh. His eyes glanced at Michi's neck, and she grabbed the pendant. He
turned back to Yoko. "I'm Kuay."he smiled, and disappeared with a flash.  Michi was worried, but Yoko smitten. 
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Cowyeshia says:   16 January 2007   692746  
This is intresting
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