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Part 2 !

This is part 2 of Tien Shyr. 

Downstairs, Michi's younger sister Yoko sat on the floor, playing with her kitten Bai. Michi was in a daze. Her life was
messed up, and her brain was confused. She sat down beside Yoko. Bai leapt up at her, and Yoko laughed and pulled his
paws away from her hands. Bai leapt up again, and batted Michi's necklace off her neck. Michi frantically reached out
for it, but Yoko caught it. "Hey, cool!" Yoko smiled, and breathed on the necklace. 

Michi found herself on the same beach, and gasped in horror as her baby sister tossed and turned and writhed in pain as
she grew the same ears and tail as Michi, but the smile on Yoko's face relieved her. Yoko collapsed next to Michi, but
soon sat up and laughed. Apai, Iinu and Yaisha stood watching, but unlike they had been with Michi, they were surprised.
Apai pointed at Yoko, then at Michi. "Y-yo-you were the last." she stuttered. "You were the last girl. The story says
four girls ..." Michi hugged her sister. "Yoko always was one for breaking rules" she giggled, and flicked her tail
across Yoko's face. Yoko was still gaping at the animal-like featured everyone had suddenly grown. Apai explained the
story to her, and Yoko smiled, to Michi's amazement. "You get this?" she questioned. "Yeah ... I always knew there was
something different about us." A strange cry shook as five girls to the core. "What was that?" asked Yaisha. "A Yjo
Long" whispered Michi automatically. She seemed to know all this from within. A strange feeling took over her. " Tien
Shyr Huo Shuey Guang!" she yelled, and raised her pendant above her head. A bright light filled her eyes, and daggers
appeared in her hands. She twirled around, her jeans and tee faded away and she stood in Tokyo, Japan, in a park,
wearing a beautiful red mini dress and shorts, daggers ready. She didn't even question what happened. A dragon, a clear
almost see-through colour, stood. Beneath it's claws lay an unconisous girl. She looked around five. Michi ran forward,
something speeding her on. "HUO!" she cried, and she flew up in the air, her daggers swiftly brung down on the Yjo
Long's back. It cried out in pain, and attacked Michi blindly. Yoko stood, amazed, at what her sister was doing. Yaisha
darted after Michi, followed by Iinu and Apai. All four quickly darted into action, Apai swooping up and bringing two
emerald swords down on it's wings. Yaisha made a karate-style kick to the dragon's head. Iinu shot a sapphire arrow into
it's back. Yoko, feeling left out, plucked up her courage and flew forward. Michi grabbed her hand, and together, they
grabbed the pendant. "HUE JIA!" they shouted together, and the pendant glowed. The Yjo Long faded away. Yoko collapsed,
exhausted. What had she done? The dragon may have been dead! She killed what didn't exist. This was too much. Iinu
grabbed her hand. "That wasn't a dragon. It was one of Eveanna's, the dark queen's, spirits. That girl, is a good
spirit." The girl pulled herself up, smiled, and disappeared.  

Check Tien Shyr My Story for Part 1!
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If anyone wants to see the characters, I will be posting Oekaki ! I have done one of

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