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Tien Shyr - My story!

This page is about my story! It's not very good but I hope people like it! Watch out for
character Oekakis. 

Michi Moto blew out the sixteen candles on her birthday cake, curtseyed, and walked off to sit under a large tree. Her
cat, Wispa,  sat beside her. She stroked him, and his collar seemed loose. Wispa was eager , only he knew that Michi’s
sixteenth birthday would change his world forever.  She pulled off his collar, and held up the irregular clear pendant 
on his collar. She gently blew on the dirty glass, and  gasped. 
Michi Moto’s  bright red hair blew out like she was in a strong wind, and the pendant began the glow. The light blew
so bright, and she blacked out. 
Several hours later, Michi found herself in a dark cave, wearing a strange red dress and Wispa’s collar in her hand.
She got up, and her black cat was beside her, waiting. He stared at her, then got up and walked on, towards a strange
white light in front of her. Still dizzy, Michi followed. She didn’t know why, just her legs followed. Wispa was
smiling in a cat-like way. Michi held her breath as they saw a stunning white sea on the edge of the cliff they were on.
Michi felt a wave of calm rush over her, and Wispa felt it. This relaxed him too. Michi didn’t have too hesitate. She
found herself crying,  
"All this weeping in the air, who can tell where it will fall. Through floating forest in the air, across the rolling
open sea." Or “Chwei lio duo sen lin  hai.”(bad translation, I know) And she leapt into the sea.
Michi began to glow, two ears sprouted from her head and a tail grew quickly, even though it felt like she was being
stabbed, she smiled. She collapsed, but she threw back her head and cried a long, joyful cry. She looked ahead of her,
shocked, and embarrassed, as two other girls stared at her, confused. 
“Sorry” she whispered. The girls smiled, and one stepped forward to pull her up. Michi gasped, and shoved herself
away from the girl, and the girl’s huge wings unfurled. “Oh my god you freak!” The girl pulled a face and put her
hands of her hips. “Freak? You da one with the tail” she told hair. Michi looked around. A long black tail was
poking out her dress. “Wha-wha-what’s going on?” she asked frantically, feeling her ears and almost bursting into
tears. “I’m a freak!” she cried, head in hands. Wing-girl pulled her up, and smiled. “Hey, hey, don’t cry. Is
this your first time? Were you sixteen today?” Still crying, Michi nodded. “I’m Apai.” Michi stood up, finally
noticing the girl with bunny ears behind Apai. She was sulking, leaning on a rock on the beach they were on. “I’m
Michi.” Apai took her hand and clutched the pendant. She gasped and tied it round Michi’s neck. “Hold onto
this.” she said, and lead Michi to yet another cave. A huge mirror was on the wall. Apai stroked it. “Before time
began, four families ruled Di Chyou this world. But families destroyed leave four girls, us. We have to protect the
spirit world for our families, and protect it well.” Apai smiled like it was a simple math equation. Michi grabbed her
head, taking her cat’s ears in her hands. “What? I’m Michi Moto, school girl at Poll High, not Protector our Di
Chyou!” Apai looked puzzled. “High? What’s that?” “High school?!” Apai’s face was blank. “School? Like,
on Planet Earth?” Michi pulled a face. “Duh!” Apai smiled and leapt into the air. “Cool!” The Bunny-Girl
smirked at Apai and fluffed her long blonde hair. “Please, spare us the joy of your hair, Yaisha.” said a voice from
behind. A girl leapt down from the rocks above the cave, and quietly walked in. Her long blue fringe covered deep blue
eyes and a quill of arrows hung from her back. She stared at the pendant around Michi’s neck. “Nice necklace.” .
She touched the mirror and ripples edged over the surface. “I’m Innu.” Michi felt like crying again, but something
about Innu told her not to. “This is too much to take in. I’ve got to go. My mum-foster mum- will we wondering where
I am.” She ran away, and knelt down by the sea. A tear run down her neck and landed on her new birthday present-the
necklace that can change her world. 

Chapter 2 

Michi awoke with a start. Her red hair flew off her pillow and her room was filled with presents from the day before.
Was it a dream? She pulled on a pair of black jeans and a pullover. She looked out her window. Her new shocking red
moped was on the drive. She came back down to Earth, and shook her head. She looked in the mirror-no cat ears. She
smiled. A dream. Then she noticed the dull weight of the clear pendant on her chest. 
I’m not sure what is going to happen next! 

How do ya like it?
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