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Lunar Gold! Like TMM ...

Hi is my new story! Please read it ........................

I’m Shira Shiriyaku
Shira Shiriyaku ran to school. She was so late, and her teacher was the strictest teacher in school. As she ran, her bag
opened and books flew out onto the path. “I knew I should have got the black bag.” she sighed, and bent over to pick
them up. As she picked them up, a girl is a blue school uniform, with her head in a book, tripped over her and landed on
top of Shira. “Oof!” said the girl. The girl got up, and helped Shira to her feet. “I’m so sorry!” she said,
and Shira stood up. “It’s okay. It was my fault. I’m Shira Shiriyaku .” she said, and she noticed the red book
on the floor. “That must be some book!” she laughed. The girl picked it up. “It is! I’m Lina Linraya.” she
said. They walked together down the path. Shira froze suddenly as she realised how late she was. “Bye Lina!” she
yelled, dashing away. “I’m so late!” 
 Shira settled into class. Under her desk, a small scar on her knee began to glow lightly. It faded away, and the scar
was replaced by a purple mark, resembling a bunch of grapes. 
In another part of the school, Kaii Boiniio stared at his computer. “No way!” he said to himself. He was looking at
the energy level around the school. At 14:07, the exact time Shira’s mark had appeared, the energy levels had
increased by millions of digits. He got up and walked along the corridor. A small pocket scanner lead him to Shira’s
class. The closer Kaii got, the higher the energy. He waited until class ended. As the pupils poured out, he was still
waiting. Shira walked out, and the scanner exploded, not being able to hold so much data. Kaii looked at her. He walked
up to her. “Hi. I’m Kaii. I work in a small bookshop on the outskirts of town. I need volunteers and was wondering
if you would like to help out.” he asked. Shira tried to avoid his eyes. They gave her a weird feeling. This Kaii was
cute, but his eyes were strange. “Um, ok…” she said, and Kaii smiled. He handed her a slip of paper, shook her
hand and disappeared. Shira stared at her hand, and blushed involuntarily. She looked at the paper of paper. “Boiniio
Books.” she read out loud. She stared at her hand again. That shake had made her feel strange -  just like his eyes.

Later, Lina Linraya stood outside Boiniio Books. She looked inside. She saw tons of shelves, crammed with books. She
walked inside. Lina was a bookworm - she saw a book, she read the book. She also noticed the “Wanted; volunteers.”
sign in the window. She walked inside. She spotted Kaii, sorting out books on a shelf. “Excuse me, but I saw the sign
in your window and…” she stuttered. Under his apron, Kaii Boiniio pulled out his( newly repaired ) scanner. The
scales were almost as high as when he met Shira… Shira. Shira was different. When he shook her hand … oh, never
mind. He needed her, but for different reasons. He shook himself. “What am I thinking? Other reasons? What am I
talking about …” he thought, and he snapped back to reality, as a very confused Lina stared at him. “Sure! Let me
jot down your details.” he said, and he walked over to the desk. “Lina!” said Shira, running over. Lina smiled,
and realised she was going to like this job. Lanky Lina Linraya might have finally found her place. 
Kaii lead Shira into the basement. “What’s going on?” asked Shira, confused. “Do you remember, from little
kids’ stories, the centaurs? Half horse, half man?” Shira nodded. “These beasts have the power to convert animals
power into their own. These creatures have evolved, so they can convert the power of any animal in the world. But each
centaur, or Lune, can only control one animal. Nowadays, Lunes are nearly extinct. Every century, five Lunes are born.
You are a Lune.” he said quietly. Shira’s world stopped. Suddenly, a new feeling ran through her, this feeling of
being able to control the power of a whole species. “What animal am I?” she asked. “From my conclusions, your
power is of the Artic Hare.” “WHA-WHAT!” she yelled. “ I THOUGHT I HAD THIS COOL NEW POWER AND YOU TELL ME I
HAVE THE POWER OF A BUNNY!” she screamed. “Be quiet!” said Kaii. “Remember, Lina.” he whispered. “Oh. Does
she have this power?” Shira asked. “Yes.” “What animal?” Kaii looked uncomfortable. “Um … a lion …” he
stuttered. “A LION ! I have the power of a cuddly toy and she gets the power of a LION!” Shira fumed. Kaii handed
her a staff/wand. It was purple, with a lilac berry-shaped gem at the top. It shrunk and only the gem was left. She
clipped it onto her necklace. “Use that to defeat the Dark Saints.” he said. “I’m not scared of the Dark.”
joked Shira. Kaii frowned. “I’m not talking shadows under your bed. I’m talking dragons and creatures in your
nightmares. I don’t even know what they are.” Shira stayed silent. She quietly walked upstairs and sent Lina
downstairs. She looked at her necklace and clutched it tight. Lina and Kaii came upstairs. Kaii came over to her. He
stared at her knees, and Shira pulled down her skirt, trying to cover her legs. He shook his head and pointed at the
grape-shaped mark on her knee. “That shows you are a Lune.” he said. Shira was relieved, but a little disappointed.
At least she would have got some attention from him… “What am I thinking!” she thought. “I’m been plunged into
a different world and all I can think about is whether he likes me … Aargh! Of course he doesn’t! We only met
because of my power … Then why does that make me sad?” Shira thought. She flipped open her phone. She scrolled down
her phone book. “Hi Mum. I’ve got a job!” she said down the phone.

A new comrade, but is a real lady a real friend? 
Shyly, Shira came out of the changing room. She was wearing her lilac uniform, her long brown hair tied up into bunches
with lilac ribbons. She blushed. Kaii smiled. “You look beautiful.” he said. Shira turned red. “Beautiful? Most
boys would say I looked hot…” she thought. A beeping noise came from Kaii’s laptop. “Uh oh. There’s a Dark
Saint on his way.” he said. Shira’s reaction was immediate. “Lunar Shira! Activate!” she cried, and tossed her
necklace in the air. She leapt up, caught the necklace and it grew into the wand. Her new uniform was covered in lilac
stars and the stars covered her. She twisted on the spot and twirled the wand around her. Her uniform faded away to be
replaced by a beautiful lilac dress. Kaii stared. “Wow.” he said to himself. “Cool!” said Shira, feeling her new
white rabbit ears and tail. Kaii snapped out of it. “Come on! There is a Dark Saint controlling a wolf from the Tokyo
Central Zoo. Be careful, this wolf may have changed form.” he said. Shira put her hands on her hips and smiled at him.
“Come on, we’re not Barbie dolls.” she laughed. Kaii laughed, and their eyes met. They both smiled at the exact
same moment and they both turned red. “Go!” he said, and Shira ran outside. Lina stood there, unsure of what to do.
Kaii pointed to her necklace. She raised it above her head and cried out. “Lunar Lina! Activate!” and she held the
necklace at arms length in front of her. Red waves of light came out of the necklace, and washed over her, leaving her
with lion ears and tail and a red, long and flowing dress. She quickly followed Shira. 

All around the zoo, people were running from the huge black beast roaming around in the park. The beast’s fangs were
huge and it was attacking a tree, snarling at anyone who came near. Shira and Lina arrived, Shira leaping from place to
place swiftly, while Lina was more running and swerving. The beast turned and growled at them. They stood silently
facing the Wolf. Suddenly, it sprang forward, knocking the girls down. Shira leapt up again, and held out her wand.
“Berry Amethyst Wand!” she cried, and the purple gem began to glow, and it shot a lilac beam at the wolf. It hit,
and Lina cheered. A voice sounded in Shira’s head. “That was the test … You’ve passed.” whispered a sinister
voice. Shira opened her eyes. Kaii was running towards them. “That was excellent! I didn’t believe you could do
it.” he admitted. He hugged Shira, and they both turned red. 

Matsua Jokiuao sat it the back of the limo. The limousine stopped and she got out. Walking around, she noticed two girls
fighting a huge wolf. She was going to turn and run when she noticed the girls were winning. The girls were not humans.
The beast collapsed, and a boy ran over to them. He hugged the brunette. They talked, and the girls went behind a tree.
Their beautiful dress faded into red and purple uniforms and their animals features disappeared. They were both wearing
necklace just like the one Matsua had bought from the fortune teller earlier … Matsua clutched the necklace. It began
to glow just like the girls’. They looked confused. Matsua turned to run as the girls got up. They began to chase her.
Matsua was scared. “Hey! Little girl! We won’t hurt you!” yelled Shira. “Lunar Matsua!” said Lina. “H-how
did you know my name?” asked Matsua, scared. “Let Kaii explain.” said Lina, approaching Matsua. Matsua calmed
down, and looked at Kaii. “What’s going on?”
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mew_berry_san says:   12 February 2007   539863  
Oh wow! This is really cool!
midnightxangel says:   12 February 2007   587823  
That's pretty cool! ^^
mew_berry_san says :   12 February 2007   268364  
Actually, I wrote this ......... but I gave sugah_sweet permission to put this on.
We are sisters!

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