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Loch Vennacher

This is a story that I've just started - I will try to update it every now and again.

Chapter 1 

I can hear the wind flowing through the air. If I let my arm dangle down, I can feel the water rushing past. The sight
of the loch reaching out before me is immense; the deep blue, leading towards the bank, and the few birds bobbing about.
There has always been a significant smell to a loch, like at the sea. It’s a timeless smell – one that you will
remember for always.
I anchor my yacht for a few minutes. I look out towards the north of the loch. I’m the only person out here, but
there’s a small boat over on the other side. It seems to be getting closer, but I can’t quite make it out. 
I lean back in my boat, and look up to the sky. I can’t see any clouds, but the sun is shining bright. I can hear the
boat getting closer, but I’ve almost fallen asleep. I sit up when I hear a voice.
“Hello! If you’re asleep could you wake up?” When I do sit up, I can’t see the mystery person. Their back is
turned to me, but I can tell it’s a girl. She’s quite tall, and has long brown hair, and a tweed cap. She has an
Irish hint to her voice.
“Yeah, sorry, how can I help you?”
“Well, is there another loch down the way? I like my sailing, but I just came up to this area,” she asks, turning
around to me. She has bright eyes, blue ones, and a nice smile.
“Yeah, there’s a lot. Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond, Loch Lubnaig, and if you go up really north, you could get Loch
Ness. There are a few local other ones too, but you’d need a map for them.”
“Cheers. That helps. Is Callander around here anywhere?" To this, I nod my head.
"Yeah, down the road at the south of the loch, past the trout farm and along there. If you reach the high school, you've
gone too far." She tips her cap to me, and sails off. I lay back again, the sun beaming down. After a while I look at my
watch, and realise that it's time to be heading home. I moor my boat up at the docks, and set off on my own two feet
It takes me a while to get back; it's about 3 miles to Callander, and my house is at the other side to the loch. I often
walk down the the loch every day after school, to go sailing or to just sit. I go to draw or write, or maybe just relax.
It helps me get away from the things at home.
At home things are in a bad way. My mum is having an affair with another man, and my dad is having an affair with
another woman. Neither of them know about the other, but I do. I promise myself that I will tell the other one - one day
- but I can never bring myself to do it. I can't help feeling bad about how one sentance from me could break up my
family forever. It FEELS bad, when on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday I come in and see my mum, naked on the sofa with
another man. On a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturdray, it's the same, but with my dad. A Sunday is the only day we all spend
together, as a family. Sometimes my mum works late, and my dad and Kristina have the house. My mum and Lucas are just as
bad. The lake seems to be my only friend.
At school, things are sometimes worse. I am considered to be "cool" and as such, but since the game of life went down
the pan, I stopped going to parties, doing skateboarding, and stuff like that. I'm all by myself, and sometimes it
hurts. I get used to it, though, and I've managed pretty well. Maybe some sun will shine my way . . .
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  story_writer_13 — Page created: 10 May 2009
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hannahboo says:   10 May 2009   453267  
yaaaaaaaaaaa thats so cool ^_^
story_writer_13 says :   10 May 2009   944558  
glad you like it!
am only half way through the first chapter, though . . .

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