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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail: The Greatest Show on Earth

For those fans of this amazing anime, I'm writing this for you. And me. Mostly me. But I still want someone to read it.
Anyways, this is my review of the show i guess or my beliefs and opinions on others. It's probably mostly going to be
ships but that's one of the biggest discussions there is. I think you know what the first one I'll blog about is. Oh,
but first is a message to those who are just passing through. At least I want you to have learned something from looking
at this page: if you haven't already, watch fairy tail. 1-48 are on youtube. the rest can be found on if
you're trying to play a video from anime on hand on an android device it won't work. It only will play on apple products
and normal computers. That's all, let the blogging begin!

Nalu! The ship with the biggest number of supporters. For those of you who don't know (which you should) Nalu is
NatsuxLucy. If you don't support them that's fine, but this may not be what you want to hear. The only other pairings
I've heard involving Natsu and Lucy are Nali (NatsuxLisanna), Sticy (StingxLucy), Gralu (GrayxLucy), and 1 Ersu (Not
sure the official name (ErzaxNatsu)). Okay not sure where to start.... well I guess I'll start with this: I'm a Nalu. My
friend was a HUGE 1,000,000  ton Nalu supporter. Whenever I talked about Nali she would get mad, like REALLY mad, so I
started teasing her about it all the time. Eventually we decided to settle the argument with a picture war. Whenever we
disagree on something TV related we'll have a picture war. She will send a bunch of pictures from her collection and
google images and I'll do the same for my cause. So we were in the midst of the battle when she sends me this photo for
and in case you dont use the link, it basically proves my point. so i won! Anyways, I never really supported Nali, I
just pretended to to annoy my friend- and it worked! Back to my original point.
I've read a lot of Nalu fanfictions. for most, they want to focus on the romance so they make Lisanna a seething jealous
creature. in reality, she accepts. Lisanna is a nalu supporter. It's obvious to everyone except Natsu and Lucy that
they're in love. i don't hate Lisanna and i thought her and Natsu would've made a cute couple as kids. When Lisanna
transferred to Edolas though, it sorta ruined her chances. Lucy was better suited for Natsu I think, she's not as cutesy
as Lisanna. Lastly for now, nearing the end of the anime and in the movie Natsu acts pervy. But I guess that the series
becomes more exposed as it goes on anyways, so it's not that out of place for Natsu wanting to look at her in the
shower. Nalu part is over.
My favorite pairing..... GRUVIA!!! I want it to work out really badly! Ok, I need to slow down and start with other
combos that have been made. So first July (JuviaxLyon) (it says July like the month! I just realized that. Maybe that's
not the name for it), Gralu (again), Eray (maybe?) (GrayxErza), and this one is purely for fun Graly (GrayxLyon). I am
very biased on this pairing. THERE WILL BE NO OTHERS GRAYXJUVIA FOREVER!!!!! ya... oh and there has been Grul
(GryaxUltear) pretty sure that's the name. But Gray is mine, for I am Juvia Lockser and no one shall take him from me.
Juvia doesn't like Lyon at all, he barely knows her and he's already hitting on her. Of course you could say the same
with Juvia to Gray but she got to know him so it's different. What else to say? How about I mix things up with an
interview? My split personalities take form then I close it off with advice for how to strengthen their relationship.
Sounds good to my selves. Right, let's begin.
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  starryeyes12 — Page created: 15 August 2013  |  Last modified: 18 August 2013
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‹› says:   16 August 2013   748396  
I miss (the anime) of fairy tail sooooooo much 
They stole my bleach, gintama AND my fairy tail

(I'm a Nalu too btw)
PuddingCakes says:   16 August 2013   132661  
I hope they continue with the anime soon! D=
Fairy Tail's theme song always give me goosebumps after hearing it. (in a good way)
I'm not that into shipping but I'll say Nalu's my favourite. =D
Gralu's a close second. =P
starryeyes12 says :   18 August 2013   268376  
if u read the manga they have the rest of the grand magic games and a little more
after that

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