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Online Safety Pagee

Hiya! I thought I'd make this page after something I watched on tv. Kinda a wake up message to me really! I'm one of the types of people who has over 500 friends on msn and dosn't know most of them, my bebo and myspace are on public so anyone could view them and I post my picture anywhere and everywhere! I didn't realize but I had about 200 friends on bebo and I had ALOT of my personal information on my homepage. My mobile number, my address, my school - Everything. I started to get a bit scared when random people were phoning me and last week I got a letter in the post- A death threat from an anonymous online sender. So then I made my bebo and myspace private and deleted everyone I didn't know- I had tottally forgotten about my msn at this time where most of my bebo friends were on it- One guy, name Mike, was talking to me last night saying that I was really really pretty and that he'd love to have me for the night and was telling me all this stuff so I was like :S He asked me my asl so I told him 13/f/uk so I asked him back and he just turned his webcam on. I screamed. It was him on webcam masterbating.. He then sent me a message saying 48/m/usa. I blocked him. Removed him. and Reported him. So thats my story. I got it VERY easy. Some people get stalkers.. One girl who was a user of myspace got stalked and harrassed by an old man because he had tracked down what school she went to from the school logo on her uniform! This is another common story that happens. Only this girl knew exacaly what to do. You have probabley seen this lots but its VERY effective! If you haven't seen this - I suggest watching it.. 3 and a half minutes isn't going to hurt you - this video might possibly save your life This one isn't seen as much. This is the guy version So stay safe online! Heres some quick ways to do this: *Only add people you know on social networking sites *On pictures make sure that your school logo isn't showing anywhere *Make sure theres nothing that can make people know where you live in pictures, i.e roadsigns *If you need to report someone you can do it here *Don't give personal details to online mates - Even if you trust them they might still be lying.. One of my old mates was posing as a 13 year old guy and it turns out it was a picture of his grandson he had shown *Personal stuff includes your messenger id, email address, mobile number and any pictures of you, your family or friends. Keep them to yourself and your school friends!! *It’s not a good idea to open files that are from people you don’t know. You won’t know what they contain – it could be a virus, or worse – an inappropriate image or film. *People you meet online will probably lie alot. This could mean their age!! *It’s better to keep online mates online. Don’t meet up with any strangers without an adult you trust. Better to be uncool than unsafe! Like would you jump off a cliff just cos your mate did it? No! *It’s never too late to tell someone if something makes you feel uncomfortable! I should knoww Top danger signs! These are the type of people that will probably be alot older and you should watch out *If the person tries to insist on having your address or phone number *If the person emails you pictures which make you feel uncomfortable and which you would not want to show to anyone else *If the person wants to keep their chats with you secret *If the person tells you that you will get into trouble if you tell an adult what has been going on *If the person emails you pictures which make you feel uncomfortable and which you would not want to show to anyone else *If the person wants you to email them pictures of yourself or use a webcam in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable *If the person shares information with you and tells you not to tell anyone else about it *If the person wants to meet you and tells you not to let anyone know
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  starbabe10 — Page created: 10 January 2008  |  Last modified: 11 January 2008
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Oroborus21 says:   10 January 2008   712657  
pretty good info and good tips for everyone. but just so you know, crime statistics
still show that overwhelmingly young women are at greater risk of such things as
rape, sexual assault, etc. from a person they know, a family member, friend of the
family, schoolmate (date rape situations and party situations), or from someone who
lives close by and sees them everyday....then they are from total strangers over the

There are millions upon millions of online relationships and communications happening
and the number that hve resulted in a violent crime are a thimbleful, hardly even a
drop in the bucket by comparison. They make the news precisely because they are the
exception to the rule.

So whileits good to be cautious and safe, one doesnt need to be paranoid either. It
just comes down to using good judgment and being extremely cautous about meeting
anyone in the real world tha tthey met online.  (verifying info, and such before such
a meeting)

Even then the majority of such meetings (between adults) goes ok, that is
incident-free. Of course a minor should never meet an adult they met online wihtout
their parents permission and supervision, unless they are very savvy and mature and
do it carefully. (and im talkign maybe an older minor like 16, 17 an adult who is not
too much older than they are).
Lyncheh says :   22 February 2008   633648  
If someone leaves their address on their profile then I have no sympathy for them.

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