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Hey i thought y not try to do some poetry

I guess i will start one now 

L is for the lies yu told
O is for the order in my life that yu broke
V is for the violence yu brung to me
E is for everything yu ruined

L.O.V.E. juss aint for me

      No title
I sat here waiting for yu
Tryin to make up lies to tell myself
Thinkin that it isnt true
Sayin that i am keeping u for my health
Hoping that yu arent screwing around
Forgeting about me while your out 
Thinkin that yu got some girl that yu found
Askin myself whats with all the doubt
I dropped everything for yu
Juss to be wit yu
Juss to understand my fate
Y arent yu hear on our Valentine date

The people who say they understand yu 
The one yu juss want to get away
The ones who sometimes juss see right through yu
The ones that say lies everyday 
So what they gave birth to yu
And yea we are thankful
But why cant they juss leave yu 
They dont get yur life is full 
I mean sometimes yur ok
But do they always have to be in yur bizz
I mean day after day after day

First period science
Thats great what a drag 
having a teacher that juss nags
Second period chorus or band 
O great
I am either having a midget or a lion in a crate
Third period math
somethign that isnt so odd
Fourth period Home Ec.
I get to stab my self till the needle goes dull
Fifth period lunch/study hall
I get to hang out wit my friends
listen to their problems wit men
Sixth period English
O gee
I get to listen to old poetry 
Seventh period Art
my friend gets to see her date
Eighth Period Social
thank yu
A crazy teacher that always corrects yu
Ninth period Reading hall /Gym
I juss am able to get out in a few mins

     I'm sorry
I am sorry if i talked to much
I am sorry that i was there all the time
I am sorry i tried to touch
I am sorry i was there on time
I am sorry i didnt make yu wait
For most of our dates
I am sorry that i dont look like a model

I sit there saying what is need to say
Doing what is needed to be done
Smiling when it is needed
Feeling like a doll in a game

     Valentinez Day
The couples smile
And exchange gifts
They walk can walk a mile
And take each others shifts
Doing what ever to make the other one happy
Sayin that the love each other
Even though it is a bit sappy
But they love each other
What can i say 
I see there love everyday

Sittin by myself
Tryin to correct what i have done
Boys trying to increase there stealth
So they can make a few moves and be stunned
That I didnt laugh
That I didnt smile
The only people that laughed were on staff
I dont get it even if they could juss walk a mile
In my shoes
I juss want a guy to get along with
But i dont know how to choose
I juss need one that isnt a myth
A lie that is untold 
I want someone honest 
That dont use lines that are to old
But honest smonest
Will someone juss b my night in shing armor

They may bud in alot
They may embarrass yu all the time
They always help yu get caught
Right at the scene of the crime
They may not understand
They may not get it
They may try to b not so bland
They try to see it
For what it is
But what can i say there blood
They do what is
They may flood 
My life 
But i love them
Dispite there many smites
But that juss them
I cant change that 
Even though i love them
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I_wonder_Y says:   3 February 2007   398467  
I_wonder_Y says:   3 February 2007   616964  
i'll also be the first to rate, then.
just_a_guy says:   18 February 2007   189433  
wow ur good
Oroborus21 says:   24 March 2007   942539  
These were quite brilliant Celeste! you have a lot of talent and brains to
complement your beauty!
sparkadark says :   24 March 2007   998446  

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