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no titles to these poems

There are no titles to these poems because i dont see a point you guys are going to comment them and forget them so whatever They hate me They cant care at all They have no hearts And they forget it all They scream at me They tell me that i caused the pain They get rid of me So they dont have to deal with me I've tried to get away But no luck at all I hope on day Someone will save me from it Sitting in school Talking to my friends Watching the boys drool Again over my friends I rule the group But they get the looks I jump through hoops And i read the books I protect them all the time But still you dont need brains To get the time They get the guys And i tell them if there good Because i dont want my friends To get some guy who will make them end up in the hood So im the background to there lives Crying the tears That you made me cry You gave me fears That will never die You took my hand And guided me I tried to stand And you pushed me When i stood up for myself You just took me down I lost my stealth And stole my crown What happen to us When did we loose it All that lust And we had a fit You threw a punch And i got hit You didnt care you just went to lunch But i juss sat the in a misfit Sat there alone Talking to you I felt like my stomach turned to stone Because our relationship died when i said i love you I cried alittle But so you couldnt hear Some tears came down But i kept it quiet so i could keep you near You just wanted to be friends But you didnt really cause after that you.... Ignored Betrayed Dismissed Argued Hated me I go through it everyday You know the cruel truth But you try not to put sprinkles on it like a sunday You only do it to hide the truth But if you ask me I would like the cruel truth Why you may ask me Because I rather not be a slueth Going through drawers Ripping up the bed Knocking on doors Racking my head It isnt worth it I dont think it is But some sugar coat it Me i'll take it as it is Slittin your wrists Bleeding so slowly But it cant be healed with a kiss Comming to death so closely Enjoying the stress release But feeling the pain Trying to make it ease Going through lifes strain I went through it too But i want to get out Will you help me get through But dont act like a scout Try to be close to me Maybe you can help this thing Or is this just to be I will sing To my sweet death
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  sparkadark — Page created: 26 March 2007  |  Last modified: 28 March 2007
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emoman says:   27 March 2007   359132  
i want to be in this club i like poetry
espiecially depressing poems
sparkadark says:   27 March 2007   629292  
this isnt a club man but i should start one
Oroborus21 says:   27 March 2007   265517  
Celeste, these poems are startling. they each contain, in their own way, a lot of
powerful and raw emotion and convey that to us very effectively. Even if i didn't
know some of your past and circumstance, it is easy to see from these that they
reflect a maturity beyond your years. I hope that in writing them it helps you to
exorcise some of these demons. 

Believe in yourself Celeste. You are a survivor and the day is coming when life will
be filled with happier moments. always your friend, Eduardo
sparkadark says :   28 March 2007   731551  
awww thanx life is pretty much screwing me over again so whatever

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