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harry potter 7 hints!

Ok, here is what I have found out: •Release date (US/UK/English-speaking countries): July 21st, 2007 •Page count: 784 (US), 608 (UK) •Price: 34.99 (USD), 17.99 (GBP) •Deluxe Edition Price: 65 (USD) •Ron ♥ Hermionie •We will find out something "incredibly important" about Lily Potter. •R.A.B's identity will be revealed. •We will discover more about Dumbledore's past. •We will learn with whom Snape's loyalties lie. •Something will be revealed about Petunia Dursley, although we already know that she is not a Squib. •Viktor Krum will return (World Book Day, 2004 interview). •We will see a reappearance of Dolores Umbridge: "It's too much fun to torture her not to have another little bit more before I finish." (MuggleNet/Leaky •Interview) •JKR has said "There is a character who does manage, in desperate circumstances, to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare..." •Harry will face Voldemort for the final time. •Harry will be attempting to find and destroy Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. •Harry will return to the Dursleys' during the school vacation, but the magical protection Dumbledore arranged will expire when Harry comes of age on his 17th birthday. •Harry will go to Godric's Hollow. •The two-way mirror will make a reappearance. •Fleur and Bill's wedding will occur. •The fact that Harry "has his mother's eyes" will prove to be an important plot point. •At least one character will die. •The last word is expected to be "scar," but may change. •We will learn the exact reason why some people become ghosts when they die and others do not. •The final chapter, which has already been written, will detail what happens to the surviving characters. •there will be no more Quidditch matches Thanks to:
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  soodapop — Page created: 30 June 2007
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soodapop says:   30 June 2007   663445  
Was it usefull?
quackquack says:   30 June 2007   664976  
Yes, thank you. Who is R.A.B. again?
soodapop says:   30 June 2007   665332  
Well, it says at the end of harry potter 6.
KenzieBeth says:   30 June 2007   378211  
so by ~The final chapter, which has already been written, will detail what happens
to the surviving characters.
you mean somthing like
Ron and hermione had 3 boys and got married 
ginny and harry are married something along those lines?
soodapop says:   30 June 2007   962941  
Well... Yes, like an epilouge.
I don't know what happens though, but try
Bernie says:   30 June 2007   155852  
The only thing I want to know is whether Harry will die. I hope he does. I hate the
little brat.
soodapop says:   30 June 2007   244958  
I actually think he will... ^^
RaineeLuv says :   23 July 2007   378189  
soda your info is way off.About 3/4 of your info is correct. Its 759 pages.Harry
does not die.
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