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Vampire Story Chapter one

Chapter one

     If you have lived for millennia, you wouldn’t expect much to surprise you.  So why was I surprised that someone
would be out at night?  I was surprised because humans are predictable.  They always do as you expect.  This was
completely new.  I sighed as I looked down from my seat in an oak tree.
     Oh, wait.  You don’t even know who I am.  Well, my name is Cleopatra.  Yeah, I know, I was Queen of all Egypt. 
But that was back in the BCs and this is the 21st century.  Plus, I don’t even live in Egypt anymore.  I currently
live in America.   I don’t look the part of an Egyptian either.  I have big blue eyes, golden hair, and white skin.  I
laugh so hard whenever I see how ‘Cleopatra’ is supposed to look.  Fake mimicries, I will allow that they were going
with an Egyptian background.
       So, I guess it wasn’t too pitiful for a human attempt.  I sighed again.  I was hungry and needed to feed before
some appetizing human came along.  Oh, wait! I did forget something. Something very important.  I am a vampire.  Please
don’t insult my kind by believing the stories that say we’re tall, dark, crimson-eyed, and bloodthirsty.  We look
human, at least enough to pass as one.  Also, we are not ugly.  We are inhumanly beautiful.  Even me I guess.  I have
pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. My teeth are very clean and white.  They are very definitely not covered in dried
blood.  I am also incredibly unique for my kind.  I don’t drink human blood.  I only do animal.  It’s not like human
blood tastes bad, in fact it’s delectable.  It’s just that I have an aversion to killing something that I once was. 
I sighed again, and dropped noiselessly out of my tree.  My black leather pants allowed movement, for which I was
grateful.  My sleeveless top was black as well.  I guess we are creatures of the night, but sunlight does us no harm.  I
can stand it.  New vampires have to stay inside for a little while though, until they strengthen.  I slunk noiselessly
through the trees, my black high heels making not a sound.  I listened to the forest, appreciating its beauty.  I shook
myself mentally.  Stop that!  I chided myself.  This is how you ended up without food the last two times.  I couldn’t
help it.  I loved the feel of the cool wind against my body, and to smell the fresh pine scent.  I inhaled deeply.  I
could smell the moonflowers.  I allowed my eyes to do what they were made for, to see everything around me.  I closed my
eyes and let my body fall softly to the ground.  It was raining.  There was new life for everything.  Except me.  I had
lived for millennia, and was unchanged by time. I still looked as I had the day I was killed.  I hate this half-life I
live.  I have seen thousands of people die fighting for what they believe in.  I envy them.  I live a life that is
without friends.  A cold, hard life.  My heart was not dead though.  Even as a vampire, I can still feel.  I feel pain. 
Every day, I remember what I have lost, and weep until my tears run dry.  I can’t help it.  My mind works that way.  I
think of several things at once, where the most you humans can do is one or two things.  I stood up, carefully brushing
bracken from my clothing.  I ran home reaching it before dawn, which was a relief.  There’s nothing that can ruin a
perfectly good day like being stopped because someone thinks you’re too young to be walking the streets, or because
it’s too dangerous.  The latter could occasionally prove true, but not for me.  My home is not what you would expect a
vampire to live in.  The outside is whitewashed, with large graceful windows.  I walked in through The sweeping archway
that was my door, and went to my bedroom.  It was large, comfortable, and very calming.  My walls are a bright lime
green.  My floor and ceiling were bright white.  I have a small bed tucked against a wall (Even vampires need to sleep).
I have two CD players.  I have a ton of books.  It does get rather boring when you have endless time, and can do pretty
much anything.  I went to my bed curled up and remembered…..
     I was standing on a sandy plain, the heat of the desert sun beating down on me.  I saw a movement behind a pyramid.
 “who’s there?”  I shouted, my voice nearly lost in the whipping of the wind.  I only heard a cackle in reply.  I
turned and began to run back to the palace.  I was overtaken.  With a cry I fell to the ground.  I felt an awful pain on
my back.  There was something on me……
     I shuddered and tried not to remember.  I hated thinking about the transformation.  The price you pay when you
become a vampire is that you’re conscious through your own death.  Not something I cared to repeat or remember.  Trust
me on this: you never want to end up as a vampire.  We don’t have a choice.  I sat up quickly.  I had heard something.
 I flew down  to my small kitchen, my feet making not a sound.  I saw something, but it was not a human, it was a small
kitten.  “C’mon little one.”  I said hustling him out the door.  I did not want to kill this small part of
humanity.  I hated to kill anything that was defenseless.  I walked outside to greet the dawn.  The sun played in my
hair, so I danced and spun.  
     I walked to school my backpack on my shoulder.  I despised high-school.  I guess that when you look young you have
to go along with how old you look.  I smiled when I heard what the boys always thought when they saw me.  It was rather
amusing to toy with them, they would follow me around like my shadow.  It made up for not having one.  I frowned.  Today
was exams.  It’s not like they would be difficult.  I mean, if you have seen the world get developed, and traveled,
it’s not like geography would be hard.  History was easy too.   I turned, sensing a young human female staring at me. 
The human had short black hair, and big green eyes.  She was still staring.  “Excuse me.”  I said icily, “Didn’t
your mother teach you that staring is rude?”  The girl dropped her gaze and said, “Why do you have such long hair? 
It’s impractical with the things we girls can do nowadays.”
I unthinkingly stroked my waist-length hair.  “I like it that way.”  “Don’t you care what people think?”  I
shook my head. “Why should I care?  Popularity is as popularity does.”  This must be the new girl, I realized no
else would even talk to me.  I was strange to them, an alien substance in their trivial lives.  The girl shook her head.
 “I know no one that thinks like you apparently do.”   I grinned lazily, my catlike smile.  “No,” I agreed,
“Not many do.”  Preoccupied I processed the girl’s emotions.  Curiosity, fascination, and suspicion.  Gulp.  It
had been a while since any human had any of these emotions around me.  Two or three centuries I believe.  “What’s
your name?”   The girl apparently liked to ask questions. Um.  What was my name for the 21st century?  “Cleo.”  I
kept it short, and this way if she said Cleo, I would respond faster than if I picked any other name.  “C-l-e-o.” 
The girl said, as if trying out how it felt.  “An unusual name.”  I wonder how unusual she would think it if I gave
my real name.  I grinned even wider at what her reaction would be.  “What’s yours?” I felt that if I was going to
get questioned I might as well get some answers in return.  “Lea.”   I raised my eyebrow.  “You had better get
moving, or you will be late for class.”  My voice was cool.  It invited no further questions.  The girl shrugged and
said. “Later, then.”  I ground my teeth as she walked away.  This was annoying.  I raised my head to face the sky. 
I looked down when I heard a girl whisper to her friend.  “How could that new girl be so brave?  Cleo’s just so-so
intimidating!”  I bit back a grin.  In this girls mind I was a reincarnation of beauty.  Too bad she didn’t know how
beautiful I was.  Pure, unblemished, except for the purple scars which streaked the inside of my left elbow, I was
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mextreehugger says:   4 February 2009   322194  
Wow, that was surprisingly good . A little too awkward in the third paragraph, with the whole "inhumanly beautiful" explanation . [: Other than that, sweet .
some1_plz_kill_me says:   13 February 2009   977752  
oops, I can prbly edit it...thanx for reading it!
ella2hip49 says:   13 February 2009   793846  
it was pretty good i sortof liked it but im more iin to history good storie thow
some1_plz_kill_me says :   15 February 2009   253844  
ooo, well thanx anyways

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