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the unforgettable day~just another short story

shit, i wrote this years ago XD for an english assignment
so i thought i would post it here 

The unforgettable day 

They kept coming, one after the other in consecutive order, getting stronger and stronger. Soon I was under, still
holding Tara and my mother’s hand. Another huge wave takes its blow and soon Tara, mother and I were getting swept
down the village lanes on a road made of water. Mother caught hold of an old tree standing high and pulled herself up,
slowly she pulled Tara up the tree, still holding onto Tara’s hand I reach for my mothers to pull me up the tree as
well but her strength failed her and I fell back into the washing machine of water, swirling and churning like a
dangerous rip. All I heard was a distant scream from my mother and sister saying “ I love you”, One day we will meet
again”, “ I promise”.

The still water suddenly turned into waves as I lay floating, half dead on a large piece of debris, clutching my tribal
necklace. The only possession I still have from my homeland, the only thing that resembles who I am.

First there was one, soon there were five. A man named Tom spotted me from the deck of the seventh boat in the fleet and
lowered a life boat, he sent three bulky men to rescue me. They brought me aboard the ship, fed me, clothed me and put
me to rest in a large room.

I awoke to the screaming of the crewmen, loud and excited, “We’re Here!”, “We’re here!” I walked onto the
deck and saw right there before my eyes a strange new island I had never encountered before. I was dumbfounded and
speechless. I was so far away from my homeland, and more importantly so far away from my beloved mother and sister, and
all that I loved.

The huge ships pulled up onto the crystal sands, the long stretches of beach reminded me of my old home, the dreamy
lands of Nayuri village.

I stepped onto the warm sand and stood still taking in all the new faces and breathing in the unfamiliar scents of my
knew home, Australia. 

Suddenly I spotted a very small group of Nayuri people getting off one of the boats, among them was a young girl
dragging a large frail body. I ran over to her and at that instant I realised it was my little sister dragging my mother
who was dying quickly.  
I looked into my mother’s eyes, I was speechless as the tears rolled down my face, all those months alone sitting in
the dark, now I was reunited with my family.
My mother’s look said it all and yet she opened her mouth with her last ounce of strength she said   “I promised”,
I fell over her hugging her, never letting go.
I looked up at Tara and then down at my dead mother lying in my arms, then at the freshly dug grave made by some elderly
settlers. I placed mother into the grave, said my final goodbyes and took one last glance at the person whom I loved
most, who created my life, my existence. I poured the soil her, I knew she was in peace now.
Tara looked up from her river of tears, took my hand, we stood up and turned, we walked away from this obstacle in life
and prepared ourselves for are new life here, as Australians.
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