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bloodstained earth: short story

Blood stained earth..yeah short story about war..through the eyes of a dying soldier....tell me wat u think

A single drum beat, its loud toll seemed to reverberate throughout the battlefield. Blood coated the ground for as far
as the eye could see. A haze of smoke so thick that it blocked out the heavens brought the acrid smell of gunpowder and
the sickly, bitter sweet smell of death. There was no escaping the endless battle, the only way out was to die. 

Dawn was coming now.

 As the sun rose above the horizon, the day was heralded by the screams and cries of the soldiers fallen and falling,
punctuated only by the sounds of gunfire. The battle raged on.

A young boy, no more than 17 looked up through the smoke, vainly trying to catch one last glimpse of the sky before the
darkness swallowed him. He lay not 5 meters from the trench, mortally wounded, shot through stomach and chest. His blood
pooled underneath him as he lay, unable to staunch the flow for fear the enemy would spot him. Though it wouldn't matter
much, he would die anyway, just another body to add to the countless thousands already dead another corpse among a sea
of fallen comrades. The other side had lost many too, he recalled. Swivelling his head slightly he could see the
lifeless form of an enemy soldier.

He knew he had little time left now. Dark spots were begining to form in his vision. 

His thoughts turned away from the present battle, how many had there been before this one?  How many friends had he lost
now? He already knew he had no family, they were all taken in the first strike. 

The battle, the triumph, the glory! it had all made war sound so wonderful. To fight for your country and defend it from
the blood lust and cruelty of the enemy. How gladly he had enlisted, how readily he had gone to war.

But it was nothing like that at all, were we really fighting for our country? Or are we all just fighting beacause the
governments have ordered us to in their petty squabbles to prove who is the more powerful nation, who's beliefs are
right...Whos to say what is right and wrong? Who are they to order all of us, most of us with families and friends to
fight for their gain? 

How, how is killing people supposed to prove to other people that killing is wrong, that they are the better religion,
the better race? We are the enemy as we are doing the same thing, we are only murderers

Why must there always be fighting. Half the people here probably didn't even know what they are fighting for anymore,
only what the governemt have told them. 

All this destruction over a squabble between countries, nations. How does this prove who gets what, whos right, who gets
to live?

It doesn't!

War doesn't solve problems, it just creates more. None of it is right, why cant people have their religions, why can't
the land be shared. EVERY ONE IS EQUAL!

As the soldier lay there it became devastatingly clear that there would always be a war, people will always die. The
human beings of this planet will never see, they must always resort to violence, the act is too engrained to change.
That one group is alone, right, no one else.

Breathing was a hard task now. His ragged gasps sending shockwaves of pain through his ruined breast. 

Slowly the soldiers consciousness faded..........he wondered...what would be like without
guns.......................without war...would there still be death?

but ... perhapsss its better this way, maybe if we all destroy each other..the earth shant have to suffer any more,
maybe it will heal.perhaps others would come and learn from our mistakes......He took a last gasping breath...

The last thing to be seen through his eyes was a small sliver of blue sky peaking through the smoke, his last glimpse of
the morning sky. His eyes became glassy, seeing no longer. His ears, deaf to the screams and gunshots. Another dead
soldier, another killed in the solution the governments call war. At least hes now at peace. 

But the world still fights on, the world still bleeds....
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‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   30 November 2009   211957  
Beautiful! Yet...sad.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   30 November 2009   962819  
exquisite says :   19 October 2010   889101  
it's good!

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