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Sk8r page

Hey element rocks all sk8rs that have skateboards or scooters or whatever tell me what sk8 parks rock im gonna try to put some music and sk8ing videos on here from you tube if u know how please tell me thanks im a 13 year old male sk8r i have blonde hair im 5'8 skinny caucasiun im very sexy ask my freind cuddles shes on here her and baby_ice will back me up if u mess with me thell help me kick ur ace so what now ive been to LA Cali Colorado Mississippi and hopeing to go to france one day if ur a hot 11-18 year old girl send me a pic of u i'll send one back u can also find me on tagged as dont b a sk8r h8r im so good looking this page is bassicly about me i love punk rock goth metal and hardcore music and girls they rock i think its sexy wene girls r goth have red hair and lip peirceings and other peirceings im getting my lip periced growing my hair out and dying it black im not gothic im not poser nor panzee im sk8r rate me and my page 1-10 then tell me about your self and what u do im also hopeing to go pro skateboarding i've been sk8ing on my element bam margera sk8 board for one year now i hope to one day get sponsered i am pretty good for only sk8ing the short time i have been a sk8r but i have always been a sk8r at heart and i always will be i am a punk rocker to i love the color black.wene im on my skateboard at the sk8 park i look so awsome im able to rock n roll drop in ollie off stuff grind as in a 50 50 board slide i can do stalls and tonz of manuals i am a street sk8r i have a ramp and a rail im getting so good at sk8ing my fav. colors are black hot pink red blue and baby blue this page is getting really long so dont forget to tell me how to put videos on here for urs and mine sakes well ttyl peoples k bye.i have 26 videos on my profile check them out they rock.
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  sk8r_dude — Page created: 26 March 2007  |  Last modified: 27 March 2007
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cuddles says:   26 March 2007   243358  
ha ha ha that is so fucking funny i luvers you and yeah i will kick anyones ass
standaloneintherain says:   27 March 2007   872539  
cuddles shouts:   27 March 2007   378915  
yeah it does
sk8r_dude says:   27 March 2007   615328  
heck yeah it does so does my profile with all my awsome videos
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   1 April 2007   964126  
pinkprincess13 says:   1 April 2007   872518  
you rock!! thanks for being my best friend
‹Captain Sodomy› says :   10 April 2007   999839  
this is pretty sweet *high fives*

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