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This page is owned by silverwolf.

Hah hah, random Super Smash Bros. Brawl stuffs!

Yeah, here's a bunch of random things, enjoy!

What? This isn't SSBB! Oh well, it's funny.

Hah ha. Funny Snake!

Funny but, IKE IS NOT A PERVERT!!!!!! D:<

Yeah! Tell 'em King DeDeDe!

IIIIIIKE!!!! I LOVE YOU, IKE!!! Sorry fangirls, he's mine!

MAAAARRRRTH!!!! I LOVE YOU TOO MARTH!!! Again, fangirls, he too is mine!

Yay! Meta Knight (on left)! We're both thinking, " Screw you Ressetti!"

Yay! Pit! He's kinda of a cheap character but, who cares?! He's fun to use!

Lucario! He rocks man.

Aww! The Ice Climbers are cute!

Aww! Kirby is cute too! And for all of you Kirby fans, KIRBY IS NOT A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Pokemon Trainer are be awesome!

Run Toon Link, run from that mufugly Ganondorf boar thing!!!!!!!

Aww, Jigglypuff!

I likey this picture!
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  silverwolf — Page created: 21 September 2008
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Neurofan says:   22 October 2008   838449  
marth's hair is shiny -U__U-*blush* ilikemarth. YOU ONLY GET IKE!!!!!!
silverwolf says:   22 October 2008   366985  
NO! You get Neuro or Roy. I claimed Marth and Ike FIRST noob!
Larksong says:   31 October 2008   728473  
Yup. Lucario rules. No doubt!
Echego says :   11 July 2009   146915  
we all know that  pikachu can kick kibys little pink a$$

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