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the new and improved Love at first sight

One day  Ashley met David at the beach.She was on the phone while he was acting silly and  closed his eyes to see if
he'd hurt anybody with his friends.Soon they bumped thier heads on each other and fell.They helped each other up.His
friends left them alone.When they saw each other their  eyes' were like dimonds shining. There love  had started . So
they talked to each other a while ,exchaned numbers.The next day he called to ask her on a date.Of course she said
yes.They went to the  Red Lobster .She was dressed in a blue sparkaly dress, V shaped at the bottom and at top and
spagetti straps that tie around the neck. Ashley couldn't wait .He was dressed in a tux and black suit,white shirt.
Ashley and David ate , laughed,and dont forget the most important thing, they stared into each others eyes . The more
the two were together, the more they fell in love.Finally he asked her to be his girlfriend so she took a chance.
Everything worked  out great . one day on their 1 year annaersary
he ask her to marry him. The ring was a teal dimond with silver ,the two 20 year olds got married on june 16,2003.
Now they're both 24. On april 24 , 2004  their son  Junior was born The first-time parents were pleased with there son
,even though they were first time parents amazingly they knew what to do. They fed ,changed, and spoiled there chlid .
	On  April 24, 2006  Junior  turned 2. He was a handson little boy. Everybody adored him. Ashley and David thought to
themselves.''He's allready so big.'' The next day the little family went shopping . David had a friend that always liked
him .Her name was Kristin .On that same day  Kristin was at the same mall as Ashley an David. She hated Ashley because
she was with  David.Kristin was very sneaky.  So When  David or Ashley  werent looking she took Junior. Junior didnt cry
because he did not know wat was happening . So he didnt scream. David  realised Junior wasn't there, he  quickly  told 
Ashley but Kristin  was allready home.David knew it was her right away. He couldn't believe it. He drove to Kristin's
house. They all argued when Ashley and David arrived.''Fine, have Junior . I don't care anymore.BUT YOU'LL NEVER CATCH
ME !'' Kristin said while running away. David called his crew ,the San Jose Police and the FBI. Ashley drove home with
her son . David  went with his team. When David came home it was 10:00.''I was worried sick! Where were you?''Ashley
said nervously.''We didnt catch her.When we thought we had her ,when she tottaly disapeared. We looked and looked but
she was  nowhere to be found.''David murmured. '' WHAT,no way! Are you serious?I hope you will catch her i know you
will.Don't think negative.''Ashley suggested.Ashley was always positive.''I know , i know . Thanks a lot.'' David
thanked.It took a whole week to find Kristin ,David had found out that Kristin was living with her friend.Kristin told
Tiffany the whole story and Tiffany had to act like she was on Kristin's side. But really Tiffany was on David's side.
	Tiffany grabbed her cell phone and went in the bathroom to call David. David suddenly appeared  on Tiffany's
door.Kristin looked at  her friend and said ,''You called him . Weren't you on my side ?'' ''I was, until you told me
what you did to David and his family. So i called him over to get you.'' Tiffany responded.  Kristin just stared at
Tiffany. Suddenly she was handcuffed. She was finally caught! She went to jail to learn her leason about kidnapping your
friends' kids. David thanked Tiffany by inviting her to Ashley's birthday tomorrow. They had  a great time at the beach.
 Swimming, surfing , volleyball, and  listening to music while hanging out or dancing was what they did. But  Junior had
to stay with  Ashley's parents while his parents were at the beach. When Ashley went home after picking up Junior ,
Junior started sing,''Happa Birthay Mommy, happa birthay to youuuu!'' Junior and his sweet baby voice that didn't know
how to sing quite right. Later that week Junior went to school at Anne Darling Elementary.The first day was good and he
behaved the whole time.The homework he had, he knew how to do it. His parents couldn't believe how smart he was. He made
his parents very proud. One day Junior told his mom that he liked a girl in his class. Sally ,was her name and she hated
Junior .But he was one of the politest boys in class. Ashley couldn't believe Sally hated her sweet little son. It was
Kristin's daughter.  Some how she got the police to get her out, it was all an excuse. But David never realised her
belly.Kristin taught Sally to hate  Junior  and his family.
      	Junior's mom told him to ignore Sally.''She's not worth your time ,sweetie.'' Ashley suggested. The genoration of
love was continued , but differently.Everything was the opposite.That's just what Ashley was thinking of. Since the day
Junior was kidnapped by Kristin , Ashley learned to always  have an eye on him no matter what. With all the things
Ashley to Junior , he soon relaised she was going to mess up his life. But don't worry the genoration was stillo going
on but with another little girl. Mellisa, now she was the one .Junior and Mellisa sure did like each other but diidn't
know what to do yet,so they took it slow. His parents incouraged him because he made them so proud. So there you have. 
This was a story of teenagers who become responsible adults and great parents. Although they had  obstacles, they always
stood together.
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