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My bffs in the real world!

First of all, me. I love music and drawing.
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My best friend ever! She is gothic/emo and has the best reason for it. I love her to death, like my big sister.
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My emo friend, who loves inuyasha. Met her this year b/c i asked her about her inuyasha bookbag, and naruto headband(she
wore around her neck.)
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We were instant bffs, a sister to me.
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Megan and Rachel(Megans sitting up, Rachel laying down.)
Sisters, they are always by each others side, even though Rachel's a year older than Megan.
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She's Chinese, skinny, and tiny. She wears skinny jeans, and can get away with wearing crazy hairstyles and still look
cool. Loves Bloo from Foster's home for imaginary friends. talks to me alot on myspace.
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She cool, but a slut. We met this year and she is attached to me like a puppy. She's Miranda's rival sadly. Over me.
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My shy, dumb blonde friend, just like me. She is funny and clueless at times, so I feel like I have to watch over her.

My one-and-only Luke<3 My best friend most likely. I love him, as a friend and more. I feel like I can tell him anything
and everything, except my true feelings of him. His best friend told me he loved me once, but now his feelings are
tangled. Like mine. I've had a crush on him ever since 6th grade, I'm now in 10th. He tells me he loves me, but I'm not
sure what to think anymore. You could call him emo, but I only know his true personality. He's kind and gentle, and
tells me how he'd kick someone's ass if they touched me. ^-^ Lovey-dovey Luke.

Garrett--Lost Love
The only one whos even came close to stealing my heart from Luke. My protector, and as he says "secret lover". Its a
long story, I was depressed and started starving myself, he was there when Luke couldn't be. He force fed me, and
cheered me up. I still have a place in my heart for him and probably always will. He tells me that one day we'll have
some "smart-ass kids" and become the perfect couple. We lost contact when we started different highschools. Ily Garrett,
if nothing ever happens w/ me and Luke, I'll remember you.

My creative Clay!! Gorgeous as he is, I don't have a crush on him! He's too cute, he'll get stolen away, thats why...
Blonde anime boy

Derrick~I don't wanna be in love!
He's tall, charming, sweet, smexy(XD), one of those boys who make your heart melt. My recent crush. Maybe a possible
boyfriend. He plays basketball and fancy's scaring the living crap out of me, then hugging me yelling he's sorry. >.< I
don't know anymore. He makes weekend seem long and week days short. He can do that.
Brunette guy with his music
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xDeathGurl63x says :   12 December 2007   691468  
kool i love the anime

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