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My Vampire Knight story

NOTE:: This is a continuation of the TV show NOT the manga. Characters are rightfully owned by Hino sensei. I just
wanted to start what i thought should happen in the third season.. I decided to go a little random on it :P 

bold = thinking
regular = talking

Zero:What is this feeling inside me...? Yuuki has already
left, I should be relieved.. not having to smell that delicious smell, 
and resisting the taste. But I love her.... And I was supposed to
protect her! But that.. thing... that gave me my strength.. was
always destined to marry her.. And she loves Kaname-senpai, I
can't change that... even if I wished to
Yuuki: Hey kaname?
Kaname: Yes...?
Yuuki: Why did I not change when you transformed me? I seem
to be the same, but I crave blood.
Kaname: Well, you're a strong kid. 
Yuuki: *mad* I'm not a kid!!!
*other vamps snickering in the background*
Kaname: Fine, you're a strong girl. 
Yuuki: Well... I guess so... *spaces out thinking about zero*
I wonder how he is... 
Kaname: Yuuki, what are you thinking about?
Yuuki: Oh, nothing! Well...erm... I was thinking about Zero, to tell
you the truth
Kaname: I'm sure he's fine *hugs yuuki* He can defend himself..
Yuuki: Okay, if you say so it will be!
Kaname: You're so cute *pinches her cheeks*
Yuuki: *blushes*
Kaname: So where to, my love?
Yuuki: I've always wanted to go to disneyland...
Kaname: But....
Yuuki: I'll be okay, i swear!
Kaname: okay, if you say so..

*They arrive at disney*

Yuuki: Squee! I can't believe we're here! *runs over to the ticket booth* Excuse me sir, but can I get two tickets.
The ticket man turns around and it's Erik, from the POTO! 
Erik: Sure... here you go.
Yuuki: Thanks... *walks away with Kaname*
Kaname: I don't like that guy... 
Yuuki: I like him, he has a nice, evil look to him
Kaname: That's what I'm worried about...

They go on a few rides but when they go on their last ride of the night an Erik shows up on the track, as, now, the
phantom of disney! He cuts the track (on the roller coaster) and the car Kaname and Yuuki were in flew off the tracks.
When it landed, they were okay, but other people weren't so lucky...

Yuuki: What.... was that...? *in shock*
Kaname: I told you i didnt like that Erik guy...
Yuuki: It wasn't him I tell you! Maybe it was just old and fell apart!
Kaname: No... i smelt him
Yuuki: Well what do we do now, just leave him here?? 
Kaname: You go to the hotel I booked for us *tosses her the keys* and I'll be there in a little
Yuuki: But I can't just leave you here! I can help!
Kaname: No, you're too weak, go.
Yuuki: Fine... *stomps off*
Kaname: Now... to take care of this phantom...

Kaname goes to the side of space mountain where The phantom of Disney always hides out.

Kaname: Well, well, well.... trying to kill more people, are you?
TPOD: That's my job.. now that i'm over with that whole opera thing.
Kaname: Well you risked my love's life.... you have to PAY.
TPOD: Oh no *sarcasm*, what are you going to do, get your little teen "possy"?
Kaname: Do you KNOW who I am??
TPOD: Nope, don't care.
Kaname: Well I'm--
TPOD: I said I didn't care damnit! Why don't you listen?! *slams him into a wall holding his throat* 
Kaname: You can't choke me, vampires dont breathe!
TPOD: But I can still kill you, one way or another. *brings him into a building*
Kaname: I thought you were gonna kill me, not butt-fuck me!
TPOD: Shut the hell up little vampire boy. you think you're all that cause you can suck peoples blood. But that's not
the case. I know you kill people for blood. I kill for revenge. (OOS: right, mary?) *takes out a vampire gun* i knew i
would need this someday. *holds it to Kanames heart* Any last words?
Kaname: Yeah, I--

Just then a chandellier fell from the ceiling and killed Kaname. Erik (TPOD) survived unhurt. Erik looked up and there
was Christine, smiling at what she had just done.

Yuuki found out that Kaname died and was devestated. She went back to the academy and Zero comforted her. they
eventually became a couple. (:D)
Christine and Erik had a dangerous game every night after that (XD) and they all lived happily ever after... except
kaname, who died.
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Nightmaregirl says:   22 February 2010   746153  
cool sarah,i wanna know wat happens next!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   23 February 2010   458627  
lol thanks. I could barely write this.. I was gonna write more, but i got writers
block! maybe this is why they haven't had a season 3 yet....
oh btw, when yuki and kaname and the other purebloods left.. where were they going?
that might help.. a little 
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   2 March 2010   137044  
I added a little...not too much, but I have an idea of where this is going... for a
little bit anyway 
Nightmaregirl says:   2 March 2010   150537  
it's awsome and funny erik is in it lol
Nightmaregirl says:   4 March 2010   774838  
OMG I LOVED THAT IT WAS HELLA FUNNY LOL!!!!!!!and erik dose kill for revenge but
also for love,so yeah u got it right sarah.that was funny when it was christine that
killed him lol.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   5 March 2010   533628  
Thanks :D I tried my best. yay i got it right! Told you it was a twisted ending  
Nightmaregirl says:   5 March 2010   916447  
yeah lol,but i still think u should say what happened to yuki and zero
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   6 March 2010   597644  
fine... i'll try 
Nightmaregirl says:   6 March 2010   945278  
yay!happy ending!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   6 March 2010   829752  
:D yup!
Nightmaregirl says:   20 April 2013   570153  
You need to put this on DeviantART.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says :   22 April 2013   316248  
i can do that

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