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Mayor confesses. *Edited!*

Ok this is a thing me and my friend thought of at school last year.
Characters in this are from The Nightmare Before Christmas. By sarahnicole11 and Nightmaregirl.

 So one day, Jack and Sally are just home like normal and Sally goes out for a little bit. As soon as she leaves, Mayor
comes up to jacks house and knocks on the door. Jack opens the door and says, "Oh, hello Mayor. I wasn't expecting you."
Mayor replies, "Well, I'm sorry if I am disturbing you but I just had to confess some feelings to you that I have had
for a while now....." Jack was confused. "And what would these feelings be, exactly?" Mayor came out of the blue and
said, "I love you Jack! I have loved you since the day I met you!" Jack backed up and said a little shakily, "Are you
feeling okay mayor? Do you need to lie down for a while?" Mayor responded, "I'll only lie down if it's next to you."
Jack was overly freaked out now and almost ran out of the room! "You know I love Sally, right?" Mayor said, "Yes, the
whole town knows. That is the only thing holding me back, and that is why I must kill her!" "What?! No! You can't kill
Sally," responded Jack. "But I must!," said Mayor. "Good day, Mayor," and with that, Jack pushed him out the door.

The next day......
Sally goes out for a few minutes just to do some errands. You see, Sally is very busy throughout the day. While she is
gone, Mayor sneeks into Jacks house when Jack is sitting on the couch playing with zero. Mayor sneaks behind the couch
and waits for a good time to jump at Jack. As soon as he shifted the tiniest bit, Jack said, "Hello Mayor, I heard you
come in." Mayor was confused because Jack hadn't turned around the whole time he was there. "How did you know I was
here?!" Mayor exclaimed. "I'm the pumpkin king. You get used to it after a while and know when people are behind you,"
said Jack. "Oh, well, I must be going now." "Good-bye Mayor." With that, Mayor left the room and watched Jack every
night through his window.....

Creepy, huh?
Hope you liked it!
We thought this in 7th grade, while at P.E.
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Nightmaregirl says:   29 March 2009   676985  
lol,thats funny,we're good at this stuff huh?
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   30 March 2009   678871  
heh heh. i think so. i want another opinion tho :D
Nightmaregirl says:   31 March 2009   343295  
i would say it's creepy,we're creepy people
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   1 April 2009   425257  
yup :D
Nightmaregirl says:   7 May 2009   665587  
dude,mayor's a stocker!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says :   8 May 2009   719976  
duh.... I've known he's been a stalker for like forever lol
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