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100 random things I wanna do before I die

Get over yourself, the world's not going to end because a bunch of lazy people way back when decided not to
finish the stupid calender.

1. Hug Jordan Witzigreuter
2. Beat 365/2 days
3. See Cobra Starship in concert
4. See The Used In Concert
5. See Boys Like Girls In Conert
6. Threaten my friends with "Chelsa Smile"
7. Call random people a Hethen
8. Spray holy water on a 'Goth'
9. Go to Wal-Mart dressed as a ninja and dance to Single Ladies
10. Go to Wal-Mart and ask an employee where the nearest K-Mart is
11. Play Kingdom Hearts 3
12. Fall in Love
13. Fall in Love with someone I actually know
14. Be in a band
15. Own a drumset
16. Tune a guitar
17. Slap Perez Hilton
18. Slap those hoes on a reality t.v show
19. Wear a shirt that says, "I only like N(ew)Y(ork) as a friend"
20. Be friends with a celeb.
21. Dress up as wizards to a Twilight Saga movie
22. Work at Hot Topic
23. Be popular on a site
24. Join a Drum Core/Corp
25. Talk to old friends like nothing happened
26. Count to infinatiy.
27. Ride a horse
28. Lick a random person
29. Own someone at Guitar Hero
30. Sing at Wal-Mart
31. Go to an expensive store, look at something like I'ma buy it, then put it back.
32. Misplace things at a store
33. Have a wedding cake
34. Have a baby boy (xD)
35. Convert a Gay Guy
36. Hack Goggle
37. Dress Up Like a Naruto Character
38. Cosplay at SanJapan
39. Go see Owl City
40. Go to a NSSN concert
41. Make a homemade shirt for a band
42. Make a mirror shirt
43. Stalk Destery and Nathan
44. Own a nice car
45. See (fkking) James for once in my miserable life xD
46. See (fkking) Jason in real life for once and not a picture
47. Make it through high school.
48. Free fall.
(To be continued)
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  sand_ninja — Page created: 24 November 2009  |  Last modified: 22 January 2010
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‹â™¥FalseEuphoria.› shouts:   26 November 2009   592882  
you already did # 41! D: 
remember, metro station concert?
we even made our own logo thingy xD
technically, you already do stalk destery and nathan anyway Cx
hannahboo says:   2 December 2009   852085  
how do you  Make a mirror shirt?
sand_ninja says:   5 December 2009   765263  

My definition of a mirror shirt is writing something backwards, so when its up to a
mirror it looks like it would look like a regular shirt. 'Cause alot of people take
pictures in a mirror, and their shirt writing is all tweck, so yeah >.> 
‹i love my boyfriend› says :   17 December 2009   836909  
haha kewl

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