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If you are a boy,do not scroll down to the following information,you will not understand it.

Of course,if you are a boy then you did scroll down here,seeing as you are a boy,eager to prove you will understand
it,which you probably will,but the info would be useless to you.
Anyways,on with the guide!
In general,boys are stupid about girls.They could be in all advanced classes and not know if a girl is flirting with
them.So,if you spot a potential date,you'll have to be a bit obvious.
Here are some general facts about boys:
They are very predictable
They are immature
They have high self esteem.Well,most of them.There are some modest boys,believe it or not
Him and his friends like exactly the same things,wheras with girls,you could be total opposites and still be BFFs.
They usually don't become REALLY interested in girls until 12 or 13.But it's usually for their looks.
Different Types Of Boys:
The Jock:
he plays every sport on the face of the Earth.He loves talking about last nights basketball game,which could making
flirting/talking with him difficult.But theres a way to get past that.When there's a break in conversation,start
pretending to talk about the current sport of interest.He'll be hanging on to every word.Then,suddenly change the
subject to what you and your friends did last night,or a topic to get the spotlight on you.He'll be confused.Nows the
time to turn on the old charm.Flirt like crazy!If he still doesn't get the picture,ask him out yourself!
Don't worry,theres still lots more to come!I'll update soon!
The Genius:
he's had a 4.0 grade average since 3rd grade.He's in AP everything.This guy is great because he's very intelligent but
not some geeky nerd!if you go out with him,you'll probably find out he's a pretty normal guy.In fact,he could be
part-jock,but doesn't talk about sports all the time.Here are the pros and cons about going out with a genius.
he helps you with your homework!
he might share interests with you(probably not shopping,though)
your parents will love him!
he can tell when someones flirting with him,so you probably won't have to ask him out
he'll pay the bill on every date!
not at all romantic
he'll agree with your parents on everything!
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  samsnape — Page created: 9 April 2008  |  Last modified: 17 April 2008
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emo_vampire_gurl says:   9 April 2008   996289  
Nice, it is intresting!!!
‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   9 April 2008   251613  
I totally didnt no that! xD
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says:   11 April 2008   466497  
totally true psshh, my friend juanita needs so much advice!
zoebug101 says:   17 April 2008   378189  
Wow this is like soo totally oh some aka awesome
babyboo3896 says :   13 May 2008   762696  
yay thnx 4 da advice!!!!!!!!!

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