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nonsense part 2

Then the knight bowed and walked back to attend to the gypsy so she would be brought here and seek what she rightly
deserves, her court with the royal family. We waited for several minutes talking amoungst ourselves and imagining what
she would be like. I was thinking that she was a woman with long flowing hait that reached to the small of her back, and
wears exotic clothing that i have never seen before. Not only that, she may read peoples fortunes and misfortunes of
their future or past. 
 Suddenly the doors creaked open and we were silent, then the door was swung aside to reveal a beautiful woman wearing a
robe and a sash over her right shoulder and she had her hood up therefore taking place of her hair instead. Her eyes
were enchanting, cat-like and the colour of fresh green grass, and her mouth was neither smiling nor unhappy but it
spoke to me something unnatural, like a warning. The tattoos that covered most of her neck were painted gold a sign of
royalty or were it in her custom's way. Oh, but her jewlery explained a different story. It told of high class society,
rings with dimonds and rubies, engraved hieroglyphics on a golden chain around her neck, and the braclet that swirled
around her arm. 
 "Are you going to speak or what," my brother asked rudely. "We are not very patient people you know." 
 "Oh, be quiet, Micheal," mother said. "This woman is our guest in the palace we must treat her with the utter most
respect no matter the consequences, understood."
 "Yes ma'am, I understand fully well now."
 "Good, now madam may I ask for your name?"
 "My name is Mina Serona," she began. "I am, as you can tell a gypsy and I have come a long way to be here and warn you
of some misfortunate events that care about to occur here in this beautiful kingdom of yours, your highness."
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