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Black Sheep (story)

Chapter 1	
My name is Valdmina Corina a normal, well semi-normal high school girl that lives and breathes dark magic and constantly
turns my little brother into a toad. I go to a school for gifted kids such as myself and here I learn and practice my
magical skills, which I have yet to master. The school has day and night classes, day for the normies and night for the
gifted, Tumma Academy. This school is so annoying to go to because of all the preps going there just because they want
to even though they suck at dark magic and magic in general. 
	Oh hello, I’m getting off subject well anyway my family is full of normies or normal people and I am the only one who
is practicing in dark magic, well not really my twin brother practices with me. My father thinks we’re not really
their children but I really don’t care because I don’t have to go home, because the school has dorm rooms so I can
just stay there. Mother hates me for causing so much trouble for my little brother when he’s a toad, though it’s not
my problem it’s her problem. Talking about my brother his name is Thomas and he’s just as strange as me and Valdimir
but it’s more like he loves being turned into a toad. By the way Valdimir is my twin brother who is just like me. 
	“Good morning, Mina,” My roommate/best friend said. 
	“Huh, oh good morning, Amy,” I answered back. 
	“So, what are you writing in there?”
	“Oh nothing really just you know stuff for stuff I guess that’s what I would say about that.”
	“Look at that little Miss Valdmina has a diary, tell me what’s inside.”
	I shook my head and walked outside into the corridor with my little journal towards the lockers. If I know Amy she’s
going to take a peek at my journal which I don’t want her to so I’m going to lock it in my locker for safe keepings.
As I was about to round the corner when I bumped into somebody, and when I looked up it was Jake Crow one of Amy’s
many boyfriends. This one though is actually her current boyfriend and there is one thing I do know I used to like this
	Jake saw me and smiled, “Sorry Mina, I was on the way to see Amy and I wasn’t paying attention. Are you alright?”

	He stood up and extended his hand towards me I took it and stood up. Bowing my head in respect to my best friend’s
boyfriend and then continuing on my way to my locker. The halls were lined with paintings and other things like rules of
Tumma Academy. People were talking quite loudly today and it was kind of annoying. Then the announcements came on over
the intercom, ‘Valdmina Corina come to the office, again Valdmina to the office.’ Everyone in the hall was looking
at me and it was horrifying I thought I was unnoticeable, but now I’m the ‘it factor’ today.
                Groaning I walked all the way to the office and the only thing that was good about it was that I was
able to go to my locker and put my journal away. As I shut my locker closed I saw someone I really hated and it was kind
of obvious that she hated me too, Stephanie Meyer. The class president for 2010 a little fatty that can’t stay away
from the fat cakes, sadly we used to be friends. That’s a story all on its own and I bet it would make noble prize for
the best sob story ever. 
	I entered the office where Ms. Tuttut pointed to a chair next to a boy that had his hood up and blaring music in his
ears. Sneering at the Ms. Tuttut I sat down and counted the lights above me on the ceiling. When Mr. Cornet was talking
to some other people in band I would look up and count the lights even though I know how many lights there were in his
	Suddenly Mr. Grimes the head master here at Tumma Academy he was also my uncle had entered the room with his yet again
strange hair and flowing cape. I stood up, “Ok what the hell did you want me here for uncle?” 
	“Such a harsh tone toward your uncle who happens to be your head master as well,” he boomed. 
	The boy sitting down took the head phones out of his ears and stared at Mr. Grimes, “Listen I don’t have time to
deal with your little lessons on how to treat your adults I need to do my class work so if you please,” I shouted.
	“No, you must show Robert around the school today your classes can wait.” 
	“Who in the world is Robert?”
	“Now that would be me,” the boy said rising to his feet. 
	I turned around and looked at him, “Let me see your class schedule.” 
	He pulled out the piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me. I unfolded it and looked at each and every
class he had which really surprised me. Robert Shaw had all the classes I had every single class. He was a black magic
user just like me which means that I’m his senior and he’s my junior or my underling. 
	I handed him the schedule and started to walk away. My hand was on the door knob when I looked over my shoulder and
said, “Well are you just going to stand there? The school isn’t going to magically drag you on a magic carpet to
your first period now is it? Hurry up the bell is about to ring for first period to start and we have to go all the way
to the 6th floor.”
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