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My biggest mistake ( story )

really hang out with all the friends I had were Ashley's followers and now that I look at it they all hated me from the
start. Now that I know that I fell into deeper despair and remembered all the good times we were really together just
Ashley and myself no one else. 
    "Hey watch out," someone yelled from behind me.
    When I turned around a boy on a bike ran right into me, probably on his way to school, and we fell down over bike in
tow. As we fell down I was laying on top of him and he was holding my waist. I turned an ugly bright red and tried to
loosen his grip on me unsuccessfully making him laugh. Some times he would hold me closer and just laughed at me. 
    "Will you please let me go," I said. 
    "If you tell me yourname and give me your number I might," he said.
    "My name is Saphire, it's a pleasure to meet you mysterious strange now let go of me please."
    He let go and laughed again, his laugh is so peaceful, "There you go Saphire, my name is Skylar and I'm new around
here." He winked at me making me blush again.
    I moved away and stood up and looked at the school which was at least half a mile away. Then, I looked at my watch
and gasped we were going to be late for school if we keep on talking like this. From here I sprinted for the school
while Skylar was calling my name telling me to come back. When I finally reached the school people were still hanging
around in the courtyard, hello they're supposed to be in class by now. Finally I looked up at the school clock tower and
saw that my watch was an hour ahead, crap. 
    Slowly I took off my watch and changed the time when Skylar finally caught up with me wheezing and trying to catch
his breath. My eyes averted from watch to look at him fully look at him. Skylar had on black skinny jeans and a purple
shirt with a face that looks high, his hair was a messy brown and he also wore glasses. He was around the same height as
me just a little taller and he was white a cute face too. Skylar was a really cute guy. 
    "Hey Sky are you ok," I asked. 
    "I'm ok, cutie," he wheezed. "I'm tough after all you know being a guy and all that."
    "Ok sexist pig whatever you say."
    "By the way you never gave me your number, Saphire."
    "Sorry but I don't have a cell phone number so I could give you."
    "Not a problem how about this I'll walk you home today after school, is that ok?"
    "Thats fine with me."
    "Ok since we have about an hour before the bell rings for school can you show me around."
    "Yeah follow me."
    I took his hand and led him to the school and saw that a lot of girls sneered at me and I just wanted to disappear.
When we got inside inlet go of his hand and walked ahead every now and then I looked back to make sure that he was still
following me. He looked up and saw me looking at him and then winked at me making me blush again. This guy makes me
blush so easily, am I really that easy to tease. 
    We walked passed the trophy case and that's when I saw that honors band plague with my name at the top reading, 'The
jewel of band: Saphire Bluu,' it made me really sad. I haven't been my best since Frankie's death and so my playing has
gotten worse and now I'm last chair in my section getting bad grades in the easiest class ever. My life has gone
completely down the drain and I can't seem to get out.
    The bell rang for everyone to get to class which made me jump back and luckily Sky was there to catch me before I
made an even bigger fool of myself. Oh, the beauty of being a high school girl, right. Sky told me something but I
didn't hear it, all I saw were Ashley, Jonathan, and the rest of those bitches laughing at me. 
    "Hey, did you hear what I just said," Sky asked. 
    "No not really," I admitted. "So what were you saying?"
    "I was wondering who are those people laughing at you?"
    "That's my old best friend and her boyfriend Jonathan with her group of bitches."
    "You guys used to be best friends?" He looked at Ashley and the rest of them as they started walking away. 
    I looked up at them and a wave of sadness filled my heart, "Yup but then she decided it would be nice to steal the
guy I liked for about 2years, but it wasn't her fault he was drunk. Every time she would try to explain to me what
happened I would turn her away and just ignore her."
    Sky looked down at me helped me to my feet. He touched my shoulder then moved a piece of hair out of my eyes and
smiled warmly. I couldn't help but smile back as a tear formed and my vision became blurry and I just I don't know cling
to him and just cry my heart out. Sky took my hand and we walked to the stairs where we climbed upward towards the roof.

    At the roof we sat down and chilled as I cried a little on his shoulder while skipping class and trying to forget
about what happened a few minutes ago. "So Saphire i was wondering if I could maybe kiss you?" Skylar asked. 
    "I don't know, Sky," I said blushing a bit. "We just met and i don't think we sould take it to that extent."
    "Please it will chase away the bad memmories of five minutes ago and also to celebrate our first time skipping class
of the school year." 
    "Well maybe just a little kiss I guess a little kiss wouldn't be that bad so umm..."
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coolqueen1998 says:   15 December 2010   113698  
well done its good
saki101 says:   17 December 2010   940898  
thank you very much
‹K@$h› says:   22 December 2010   260346  
very nice story. is he your boyfriend now?
saki101 says:   26 December 2010   527492  
Nope not really there is going to be more
AzraelAngelOfDeath says:   10 January 2011   423325  
Very nice work. I love it. 
saki101 says:   11 January 2011   265940  
Thank you very much Thera more but it's not done yet
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   11 January 2011   878554  
Can't wait until you add more :D
saki101 says:   11 January 2011   540829  
um there is more it's not a different page though
‹K@$h› says:   11 January 2011   319010  
weell i cant wait to see it
saki101 says :   11 January 2011   963598  
it's on a different page
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