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My Favorite Bands

Hey there! I made this page to inform you of the bands i love the most. I am a Filipino but I don't like bands here in the Philippines. I like bands in japan like Visual Kei and Oshare Kei bands. Visual Kai bands are the bands with dark motif. in other words, a very serious ones. while oshare kei are the bands that are very interesting, colorful and childish. but both of the said genres are very good in making songs. there's no difference in their sounds. when it comes to visual kei bands, i like nightmare and 12012. nightmare was first ever visual kei band i've ever knew. and they're the best of all! they're music is so great. you must, i said, you must know them. this band is composed of yomi, the vocalist and composer, sakito, lead guitarist and main composer, hitsugi, guitar and composer, ni~ya, the bassist and ruka, the drummer and composer. 12012 is also a good one. they're composed of wataru, yusuuke, tomoyuki, (i forgot the other one!) and tooru. and i love SuG when we are talking about oshare keis. they're so cute i can't stop admiring them when i watch some of their pv's. i only know 1 member of this band. it's takeru, the voaclist. it's because i don't know much of this band. but it's only temporary. i know i will know them deeper when i keep on watching and listening to their songs and keep on searching their biography and discography. omg. my back aches! i just keep on typing here. i just express my fellings about bands. and another, i can explain band with my own words. band (when it comes to music with guitars, drums and whatsoever) is a group of people which can play instruments and sing as well. the more they get together, the more they will know each other and each of them can be an inspiration and you can write songs by thinking of them. i mean, when they are really close to each other, they can compose more great and awesame songs for their fans to be heard! that's the meaning of the band for me!!
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  sachi_kawauchi — Page created: 4 July 2008
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