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what to say the story(not finished still working but here is what I have so far

running her hand along the cold dark stone she felt something arise within herself. Realizing oh too late that she was being followed. She turned around and in a split second she was lost within the gorgeous eye of the love of her life. Only to note that his arms were wrapped around her waist and he was kissing her with the intent of never stopping. When they broke apart she asked "what was that for?" he replied " you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes upon and I couldnít stop myself from doing that." Looking down she realized that on his right wrist he was still wearing her hair tie, and noting that his arms were still wrapped around her waist. She looked up at him and kissed him upon the lips then pulled away but as she did he heard him say " I love you" HEY HEY HEY! slow down you donít want to give away the best part of the story just yet do you? Lets start from the beginning. It was the second quarter of the 6th grade year, when a shy but very handsome young man joined their school. Crap she thought why do all the new non- talking guys come to our group? But that wasnít really why she had thought crap that was cause he refused to talk to her. I mean at that point in time she might as well have been one of the guys, when in reality she was the only girl in the group, it had aggravated her that he would never talk to her. " oh well, to each his own" she had said. however, she always secretly wondered as to why he would talk to everyone else even other girls just not her. It had aggravated her for a while but then she forgot about it, that is until their 7th grade year. By then he would talk to her and they even had classes together, but by that time she liked him and in her head that was a problem cause she still hated his guts. Saying to herself these feelings will pass, they always do. As the weeks dragged on they didnít pass, if anything they had gotten stronger. Once again she was trapped, by this time it was January, and she was thinking about and debating between telling him or keeping to herself. She had to ask someone fro help, turning to her best friend. They had been sitting in the bleachers oh too close to him, so she had asked her to come with her. She whispered " I am madly in love with him, but I donít know if I should tell him or not, I need your help" Her best friend replied " I can tell he likes you, just go for it, tell him" She should have known that her best friend would want to tell him for her, but she had said NO! Did it help any? No, cause by that time he was sitting right beside her. He asked in the sweetest voice ever, " what are you two talking about?" Quickly, almost too quickly she said "nothing" when her heart wanted to scream "you." However her bffl had say " can I tell him?" She replied " no" He said " tell me what?" Ugh,she thought that did it, here she goes. I am so glad that I am the only one here that can understand the way she talks. While she was daydreaming, well more thinking to herself,She hadn't realized that he had asked her a question. "sorry" she said " I was... Nevermind what did you say?"He replied" will you please tell me?" She had said " I will tell you after school, ok?"Her said" I guess that is better than nothing" Alright i will spare you the boring details of 6th and 7th hour that day He walked up to her afterschool and said " ok so what was it?"SHe replied in the quietest voice that he cuold still hear " I am madly in love with you"He screamed "WHAT???" She replied " srry if you are dissapointed," and turned to leave.He grabbed her by the arm and turned her to face him, only to see that the silent tears streaming down her face, and said while he was wiping away the tears "I am not dissapointed however I never thought someone like you could like someone like me" she let a small laugh escape her lips while the tears still flowed down her face and said " thats why i never told you" he said "what?" she replied " cause i didnt think someone as gorgeous as you could like someone as flawed as me" he let a small smile play upon his lips and stated " I have liked you for so long that i lost track ot the time. DO you want to know why I never spoke to you before?" She replied" Yes, I have always secretly wondered that..." He said " well, um. its cause *gulp*, I was always too nervous to talk to you." She said " that is so sweet" and looked at the clock and said "crap. I have to go, although i wish i could stay" The next day, they were sitting in the lunchroom talking, and he said, "so are we going out now?" She replied "that depends, are you asking" He said "YES! duh" They walked out of the room hand in hand. Five months had passed since that day, and they were still going strong, she was sitting on his lap and he had his arms wrapped around her waist, they were both talking. She said" I and going to a party tonight do you wanna go with me?" He replied " Yeah i wanna come" She said "sweet, I will ocme and get you at 7ish ok?" He was like " yeah" She said" I love you more than life itself" He said" I love you too" Later that night they were at the party and everyone was dancing , including those two. When her and ex-boyfriends song started playing, she said with tears down her face" excuse me!" He asked "whats wrong" But she was already too far away to hear him. What she didnt count on was him following her. She went down to the basement and rean her hand along the cold, dark stone wall. I believe you know what happend from there, so i will lead you on after that. She said" I love you too" He asked "what happend" She said " that was my exes and my song, sorry I just couldnt stad hearing it" He replied "thats ok I was just worried it was me" She screamed " It wasnt you, ou are perfect,I I how could you think it was you?, I am so sorry I should have explained before I walked out" She wrapped her arms around his waist, as he said " I love ou and its not your fault, I should have guessed, and the reason I thought it was my fault is cause I didnt know what to expect, you are my first girlfriend" She looked up at him and said " I know I still should have told you" The she kissed him with the intent of never stopping and they walked out of the basement hand in hand and left the part. It was still early so they went to movies and then got something to eat. Then they went back to his house, where they sat up all night within each others arms just sitting and talking until they finally fell asleep. The last words they said before they fell asleep were. "i love you" " I love you too"
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shellibean says:   12 July 2008   559481  
verryy good and originallll. :]]]
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