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This is a doll contest!!There will be 4 rounds!!11 contestants!!You better sign up now, cause this is the contest of the year!!!Come on, people!!If your name is crossed out, you have been elimenated. Round one-Free style Round two-me!!(look at the bottom of the page) Round three- Round four- The contestants: 1- ZanyZeldaFan 2-luvme4me702 3-balletcolleen702 4-panda_girl 5-chu 6- em_n_emmy 7-piggypig111 8-jonan607 9-Storyteller 10-meeboo 11-elouia_girl I know round two sounds a bit hard, but if you want clues check out my profile SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!
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  rockstarsupanova — Page created: 1 November 2007
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panda_girl says:   4 November 2007   622242  
elouai's doll maker 3
      what do you think .it is as close as i could get it reading your profile.sorry
if its a little girlyish.
rockstarsupanova says:   4 November 2007   891551  
Wow, that is really good!!
......It looks like me!! 
But to anyone else, dont go copyin her cause I said it looks good!
luvme4me702 says:   4 November 2007   564299  
elouai's doll maker 3

Also as close as I could get from readung your profile too.Panda_girl's doll is
AWESOME by the way!
rockstarsupanova says:   5 November 2007   662218  
Thank you, I actually wish I looked as good as either of those dolls right now
panda_girl says:   5 November 2007   746153  
thanx  i didnt know it looked that good 
balletcolleen702 says:   10 November 2007   218873  
elouai's doll maker 3
rockstarsupanova says:   11 November 2007   383273  
chu says:   17 November 2007   427197  
elouai's doll maker 3
panda_girl says:   19 November 2007   935936  
if you want more people to enter message them & tell them what 2 do
rockstarsupanova says:   20 November 2007   958588  
And I know, thats what Im doing now
ZanyZeldaFan says:   20 November 2007   427138  
ZanyZeldaFan says:   20 November 2007   719653  
oops got blue font in there XD
meeboo says:   21 November 2007   968535  
elouai's doll maker 3
heres mine =)
rockstarsupanova says:   24 November 2007   238391  
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   24 November 2007   864448  
elouai's doll maker 3
Here's mine
rockstarsupanova says:   25 November 2007   392853  
thank you
‹I_RAWR_COOKIES_DONUTS_MEN› says:   25 November 2007   286425  
em_n_emmy says:   26 November 2007   879845  
heres mine 
  elouai's doll maker 3
panda_girl says:   27 November 2007   447733  
has everyone on the list entered adoll yet?
rockstarsupanova says:   30 November 2007   593894  
I think we need one more person
panda_girl says:   4 January 2008   774629  
r we gonn a move on
rockstarsupanova says :   31 January 2008   482247  
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