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Everyone is free to join and earn a Virtual Item

Well basically in this topic, we are going to talk about clubs / forums. (They have the same meanings actually). So any of you who is not interested in club /forum, may leave this page immediately, any of you who is interested, may stay! I realized that most of the members here in Kupika don't know what's the meaning of forum (club!), but I noticed some of you do know what it actually means. In this page, I'm just going to advertise about a club / forum that I've joined. Forum (Club!) is actually a public discussion. A discussion where you can talk about many things. Here's a link to a club / forum that I've joined: It's a very interesting club / forum to share your interest. You can also express yourself here in this forum (Club!) by sharing your feelings and thoughts to us. And people straight away give you advices. Anyways, in this forum (Club!), you can discuss about Music, Anime, Books, Cars, Movies, Arts... You can also make your own games here, and you can also debate about something. You can also make a poll here. One more thing, You can also discuss about Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stephenie Meyer Books, actors and actresses, and much more. But you can't make a new topic every time. You also need to reply to other people's topic. The last thing that I'm going to talk about here are the RULES made by the Admin. Admin is actually a short word for Administrator. In case you are confused. Anyways... Here are some of the rules that needs to be taken in mind = ~ You need to be active ~ Please be respectful to others and their opinions. You have to look at things from their point of view. ~ Don't try to start fights or arguments intentionally. ~ Try to keep how much you post a day under 20. Above, these are only simple rules. This is what you need to know and needs to be taken in mind too. ~Any members with '0' posts will be deleted. Newly registrated members are given one week time to post. If the user has not posted anything during the given time, the account will be deleted. Members here in Kupika, if you think you can follow these five simple rules, feel free to join. But if you can't take the rules, it's better off not joining. Thanks, the forum (Club!) can't wait for you to join. Message me or send me a letter, if you think you wanna join. Or you can also add the forum's msn messenger: If you add us, we know that you want to join the forum. So, the msn is for discussion too. Thanks for reading, robertgalaxy P.S = I don't own the club / forum, so I don't really care if you don't want to join. I'm just advertising it to you people. Feel free to add my msn though :
Here are our prizes that is related to Kupika = If you want to join the club, I immediately send you a Virtual Item. Or maybe one KupiPoint per week/ or per 2 weeks if you promise me to be active in the club and you need to post as many as you can. Don't you realize that these prized are very worth it? Please join the club if you feel like joining it. Remember, KupiPoints and Virtual Items are waiting for you guys!
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‹RainbowRains› says:   26 March 2008   821767  
wow interesting
chocolateprincess says:   8 April 2008   985222  
il try it
‹#~%I'msoawesome%~#› says:   13 December 2008   734284  
I would like to report harrasment
robertgalaxy says :   16 May 2009   945955  

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