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Welcome to Havoc Hero's! this is a companion to my other creation.. Deminsional Dragons. It is mainly run by Me and redextan Havoc Hero's is almost exactly alike to deminsional dragons except we will be having a few more upgrades as in a special item shop and character memberships. Memberships are 10 kupipoint and they give you a free pet and 10 lvls to start out. And if you are interested in joining pls write a letter to redextan or josh10. So this is how it works... u pretty much just tell me what u battled and if you killed it or not, BUT if i do not approve of the battle the exp wil lnot be given. i will be able to tell if u would a battle or not by the level ranges located in the monster list. ALSO if you would like signing up for the staff of Havoc Hero's you may send an application to redextan or josh10 containing why you would want to be on the havoc Hero's staff and how would you help as a staff member. Signing Up Information Below V V To sign up u must send a letter to redextan or josh10 containing the following information Character Name: Class(Archer,Swordsman, etc.): Membership wanted: (yes-no) Why you would like to join(optional): Here is a list of classes to choose from and what they become at a certain lvl CLASSES _________________________________________ First you need to start as a novice Novice -Job lvl 10- Swordsman,Mage,Theif,Archer,Acolyte,Merchant,ninja,Gunslinger Swordsman -Job lvl 40- Knight,Crusader -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Lord Knight, Paladin Mage -Job lvl 40- Wizard,Sage -Base lvl 90 Job lvl 50- High Wizard, Scholar Theif -Job lvl 40- Assassin,Rogue -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Assassin Cross, Stalker Archer -Job lvl 40- Hunter,Bard -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Sniper(Bow),Clown(Minstrel) Acolyte -Job lvl 40- Priest,Monk -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- High Priest,Champion Merchant -Job lvl 40- Blacksmith,Alchemist -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Whitesmith,Biochemist Ninja -Job lvl 40- Samurai -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Sensei Gunslinger -Job lvl 40- Marksmen -Base lvl 99 Job lvl 50- Sniper(Gun) **Martial Artist (bowstaffman) this is a special class that doesnt have a second version or a transecandent class yet it is a very strong and un-beatable class at lvl 99 **Grand Elemental Master** this is also a special class that you need a lvl 1000 high wizard to earn. this class can use any spell of any strength and of any element. He can also freeze time control gravity or use any attack that uses a type of magic or power. MONSTERS & EXP GIVIN ________________________ Poring - Lvl 1~5 EXP: 50 Lunatic - Lvl 2~7 EXP: 75 Goblin - Lvl 4~9 EXP: 120 Orc - Lvl 6~12 EXP: 175 Ogre - Lvl 8~14 EXP: 200 Falcon Lvl 10~16 EXP: 225 Steel Falcon Lvl 12~18 EXP: 250 Armoured Falcon Lvl 15~20 EXP: 300 Jungle Leopard Lvl 18~25 EXP: 350 Amazon Leopard Lvl 20~28 EXP: 390 Mountain Tiger Lvl 24~30 EXP: 430 Siberian Tiger Lvl 26~32 EXP: 475 Petite Dragon Lvl 35~40 EXP: 500 Scaled Dragon Lvl 43~52 EXP: 550 Armoured Dragon Lvl 54~59 EXP:595 Giant Scaled Dragon Lvl 60~65 EXP: 635 Giant Armoured Dragon Lvl 63~69 EXP: 700 [MVP] Master Dragon Lvl 75~85 EXP: 1000 [Mini Boss] Griffin Lvl 90~96 EXP: 1125 Wolf Lvl 85 ~ 89 EXP: 1400 Dark Wolf Lvl 90 ~ 100 EXP: 1650 Twilight Wolf Lvl 110 ~ 125 EXP: 1800 [MVP] Cerberus Lvl 100 ~ 110 EXP: 2000 [MVP] Cerberus(enraged) Lvl 120 ~ 130 EXP: 4000 **more to be added soon** MVP(Boss Monster) List ________________________________ Master Dragon Lvl 75~85 EXP:1000 thats all of the monsters so far^^ MEMBERS __________________________________________ Here is a list of the members that have joined the world of Havoc Hero's GM-Redex ~ Lvl 140~ assassin cross GM-Riku ~ Lvl 140 ~ sniper Killerx3 ~ Lvl 25 ~ Ninja This is the online Havoc Hero's SIC or Special Item Shop. Where Members can spen kupipoint to get some rare items or extra levels Pendant of life ~ 7 kupipoint ~ Lets you revive yourself once if you die Pendant of Death ~ 10 Kupipoint ~ Lets you automatically kill the monster you are fighting Masterful Refined Shinnigaman Blade ~ 20 kupipoint ~ kills any monster within 3 hits Valkyrie Set ~ 15 kupipoint ~ lets you revive yourself 3 times and can automatically kill 2 monsters Path Of The Elements ~ 50 kupipoint ~ lets any calss no matter what type of attacks it have use the spells of a wizard and mage, sage, and grand elementalist when level 1000 **More to be added soon** JOB CHANGING ________________________________ whenever you reach the needed level to become a different class then please send redextan or josh10 a letter explaining your character (what level? what class?) *****************************************RULES*********************************************** 1. no foul language 2. if you are not on at least 1 time a year your char goes down 5 lvls 3. if there are any questions please Send a letter to redextan or Josh10
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  redextan — Page created: 21 January 2008
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redextan says:   21 January 2008   587958  
martinluther king day special*10lvls*if u join in the next 3 day's(1-21-0 u get
the special
‹Twilight Night› says :   21 January 2008   268257  
what r havoc Heros, Msg me the answer

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