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Three Steps From The Sun

Me and my best friend Silo were lying down on a hill, watching the clouds roll by.Tomorrow's the big day, I sadly
thought. Silo was moving.I have no idea where.He won't tell me.He acts mysterious like that sometimes.''Hey Silo...where
are you moving to?'' I ask.He doesn't answer.When noontime came around he finally said something.  
  ''You know, I had a crazy dream the other night. I was walking around in the clouds, playing with the stars. Then this
really strong light shone through and blinded me.I fell off the clouds and landed somewhere. Then everything went black.
I couldn't see a thing. Beside me was a bright fire that I hadn't notice before.Then it ate me.Actually, it didn't
hurt.The light from the fire glowed around me and it got brighter and brighter.Soon it did start to hurt and I started
to scream in agony.When it didn't hurt anymore I realized that I was back in the clouds, except only higher.I saw all
types of planets, too. I turned around and I saw the sun. For some reason I was gliding toward it.I was so close that I
could've touched it.Then I woke up.'' 
  ''Wow...''I breathed ''But that still doesnt answer where you're moving to.'' He gives it some thought and sits
up.''Let's just say I'll be three steps from the sun.'' he says with a wink. He gets up and leaves.''That'll be the last
time I'll ever see him...'' I sadly mutter. The sun has been long gone and the moon rested in its place.I stand up and
stretch my legs out.''Three steps from the sun, huh?'' I say to the moon. ''Hm.What a mysterious way to leave.'' I
think. ''Step step step, all the way to the sun!!'' I cry out, letting my sadness flow out of me. ''Goodbye, Silo.''
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