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chapter 1 , LIFE IS A MYSTERY , by carmin7

by Carmin7


	Hello. I’m Carmin, I’m 17 and I go to Yashi high school in Japan. Everyone that goes to this school has some
special “ability” except for one person. Me. I mean there’s werewolves, vampires, fairies, animal shape shifters
even. And I don’t have one single cool ability. This means Im the number one target for target practice. I’m not
sure why I go to this school if I don’t have any cool powers but the crazy headmaster threw me a dorm key and said I
belong here. Whatever crazy! I had been thinking at that moment.
	Phwoop! It flew threw the air perfectly and of course hit me smack on the forehead as I turned the corner. “A stupid
paper airplane? That’s the cheapest thing that’s hit me all day, cheapsters!” I yelled across the hall as they
turned the corner laughing. ”Stupid jockeys…”I mumbled as I opened my dorm room door. Then as it opened something
tapped me on the back, or someone…
	“Hi.” Said a guy from behind me. “Agghh!” I jumped back a little bit.
	“Oh sorry!! Sorry didn’t meen to scare you, just saying hello.” The guy said. As I came out of shock I got a good
look at him. And boy was he HOT!!! I mean “Wait”. I thought to myself. “If this guy is so hot and nice, why would
he be talking to me?”
	“Do you even know who I am?” I asked after I got myself out of a trance looking at the hot guy standing right in
front of me, ”Yea,” he said. “Your Carmin Yeeko, the girl that has no powers.” He smiled. “And that doesn’t
bother you?” I asked giving him a strange look. ”Nope, not at all.” He said, he looked so hot at that moment I
couldn’t resist letting him in. “Oh do come in come in please!” I said and took his hand and steered him inside.
	“Nice dorm,” he said. “Mine is being cleaned. The headmaster picks one room at a time to be cleaned so it’s
kinda hard to be in my dorm right now. Guess I’ll be sleeping on a bench outside tonight haha.” He laughed. A guy
this nice doesn’t deserve to sleep  on a cold hard bench outside. “You can stay here.” I blurted out without
thinking. “Really? Wow thanks so much, I’ll go get some stuff for the week here.” He said. “Ok..” I said
looking at him walk towards the door. Then he walked right threw it and when he came back he came right threw the door
but this time he wasn’t touching the floor, he was flying. “Cool powers.” I said.
	“So one bed, that’s cool, oh and don’t worry, Ill stay on my side.” He winked and set down his bag by the door.
“Getting pretty late, better change.” He picked out of his bag a pair of pajama pants but no top. “Life is
good.” I thought to myself. 
	I was halfway changed, pants on with bra reaching for my top when the bathroom door opened. A shirtless, probably 6
pack, hot guy came out and stared at me, just stared. I just stared dreamily till he said. “Oh sorry sorry.” he said
and turned around. That’s when I realized I had no top on. 
	After my top was on and we were getting ready for bed he told me, “Hey sorry for not telling you my name, it’s
Ty.” He smiled, laid down and quickly fell asleep. “Glad he doesn’t snore…hehe..” I giggled. But then I looked
at Ty’s body, laying right beside me. I lifted my hand and drove my hand across his arm, he didn’t wake up. I looked
at his lips, then his eyes, body, and lips again. “What should I do?” I thought to myself. Then I laid down and I
wrapped my arms around his body. He felt warm and full of light. Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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