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Down the Hole Where the Rabbit Goes

 I started to run faster, deep into the woods. Everywhere I go they always pop up in some places! I even fear that
they were the ones who sent me the letters. So far now I am, then, being chased by them... 

I could even hear them saying words in deep whispers to me, "Alice, my dear, where are you going?", "Come back
to us..." , "Why did you leave?"
And the one that caught my ears the most was, " Come back to Wonderland, Alice."

Wonderland? What are they talking about?! There's no such place named Wonderland!
And I'm not Alice! I don't look or even know anyone named Alice! My name is Axle!

But... during this whole entire time, a question was captivated within my mind...

*Who is Alice?*

I kept thinking as I ran. Then my train of thought broke from a saying spoken by them. Next thing I know, I was falling
down a hole.

I started to go into an unconscious state. Even though the saying was said over and over within my head....

" Welcome Back To Wonderland,Our Dear Alice!!"
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  raining_sakura_petals123 — Page created: 22 January 2011  |  Last modified: 12 December 2011
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raining_sakura_petals123 suggests:   12 December 2011   876396  
I'm thinking of a sequel!!! Anyone want another to see what happens next?!
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   13 December 2011   883894  
Kairon says:   16 December 2011   617842  
DUDE!! :O 
i am AMAZED and shtuff.
so, axle as in axel? :3
raining_sakura_petals123 says:   25 December 2011   632409  
No. Couldn't think of any names that start with an A 
Kairon says:   25 December 2011   489825  
Allen, alex, alfred, al, archie, almanac...
theres a good quality bro.
raining_sakura_petals123 says:   27 December 2011   812107  
That somewhat sound like Alice...

Almanac is not a name yet... 
raining_sakura_petals123 says:   27 December 2011   236132  
P.S this is a chick if youz peeps didnt know
Kairon says:   27 December 2011   147925  
.....i cant think of any girl names other than Alisson and Alyssa ._.
or Alley 
raining_sakura_petals123 says :   5 January 2012   817051  
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