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Interview with hades

I= interviewer

I: Where could he be? he was supposed to be here 2 hours ago...
Happears in a puff of smoke, interviewer screams.) Yo yo yo my homie! whats up in the place yo?
I:Um..are you hades?
H: Like yo like of course i am yo.
I: please stop saying "yo"
H: (mutters under his breath) fine.
I: So, why don't we start by seeing your house?
H: My HOUSE? What in the name of me is my HOUSE?
I:Well, you know, the place you live in?
H: Ohhhh, you must mean my "fiery domian" or "the realm of spirits"
I: Sure, let's go with that... i think.
H: okay! (interviewer screams again as they dissaper to the underworld.)
*they walk into a very gloomy, dark, boring, and ugly, place.*
H: Doesen't it just blow you away?
I: (looks around.) Yeah... it's...lovely. Let's get this interview done alright?
*two hours of gabbing.*
I:Well, i need to leave now.
*stands up but falls down when a giat 3 headed dog came in.)
I: wha... what the he...heck is that?
H: well, duh! it's my lovely camel!!!!
I: well, i hate to burst your bubble but, that's not a camel... that's a three-headed dog.
( and they never saw the interviewer again...)
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‹GatorBoots› says :   7 January 2007   315432  
awesome, I love me some good greek mythology

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