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primwhitewolf 10 April 2017  
Who is your favorite character on Criminal Minds?
‹Christena› 10 April 2017  
Dr. Spencer Reid. It was Gideon but he is gone.
primwhitewolf 2 April 2017  
What do you think of the current storyline on Criminal Minds?
‹Christena› 2 April 2017  
I honestly don't know. I'm a netflixer. I'm on season 6 now
primwhitewolf 31 March 2017  
It says in your profile to call you Fay, but your profile name is now Christena.  So what
should we call you then?
‹Christena› 31 March 2017  
Fay is a nickname. Christena is my real name. Whichever you prefer.
Earthentitan 11 May 2016  
Makes sense. Either way, you can feel free to talk to me if you'd like.
‹Christena› 11 May 2016  
Thank you. I'll be here for you to talk to as well
Earthentitan 12 March 2016  
Not trying to start problems, but why have an ad up that says you want people to talk to
if your profile suggests you don't?
‹Christena› 12 March 2016  
That's a very excellent question.. I don't really feel like redoing my profile, but I'm
going to. That was quite hypocritical of me.
primwhitewolf 9 April 2015  
Wolves are amazing.   What do you like about wolves?
‹Christena› 9 April 2015  
Their beauty and fierceness. Their elegance. Their primal instinct to protect their den.
Their revenge complex. Everything
hatemetoday 6 April 2015  
i to love wolves, on xbox, i am known as The Wolf King, and before that The Wolfpack
boss. i had a few huskies but some dude stole them.
‹Christena› 6 April 2015  
Yeah, my huskies are elsewhere now.. It makes me sad
‹stickyvaporeon› 4 April 2015  
Well he did write poetry but that's not his main thing. He's amazing though, I'm reading
Walden right now
‹Christena› 4 April 2015  
Alright. Thank you
‹stickyvaporeon› 4 April 2015  
Okay, that's good. Robert Frost is okaaay, Emily Dickinson is magical, I also recommend
‹Christena› 4 April 2015  
I have never heard of Thoreau, but I will look up some of that poet's work.
‹stickyvaporeon› 4 April 2015  
neither, more like an observation. I don't think any less of you for it, because I know
that like me, you'll grow out of it. for example, I also used to love Black Veil Brides
until I met Andy Sixx at warped tour. He refused to play when he was scheduled to, instead
he said he was just going to walk around and watch the other concerts, the entire time
encircled by a ring of security guards, and anyone who touched him was automatically
kicked out of warped tour. And he made people pay $25 for an autograph. it was freaking
stupid. and then I started to realize how much their music actually sucked. 
it's okay though. you're probably doing better than I was; my only advice is, one, don't
isolate your musical outlook. as in, branch out from more than just one genre, if you
haven't. because when I listened to nothing but shitty metal and "post-hardcore" I was
freaking stupid and thought that cannibalism, gore and murder were some legit shit. and
two, the other advice is make sure you read more by Poe than just The Raven and The Fall
of the House of Usher. if you happen to be one of those people who think you know him from
reading like two things, once you've read more it'll blow your mind. it's not all horror.
he wrote comedy too. oh, and read some of his love letters to his wife. you will cry, it's
so beautiful. anyway. I've ready like 99% of everything by him and I'm still trying to
read it all. but there's a LOT because a lot of the stuff he wrote was just for magazines
and papers to use as filler articles so I can't necessarily say that it's all WORTH
reading, but yeah. anyway I didn't mean to go on a Poe rant. 
my point is, I have nothing against you but I have quite a bit against who I used to be in
high school so I guess I just want to warn you not to be an idiot like I was, even though
as far as I can see you're no where near as worse off as I was. it's just the whole, "I'm
an edgy goth psychotic alternative insane manic depressive vampire werewolf monster child,
RAWR" thing can get really out of hand lol. NOT than I'm saying you're doing that
necessarily, I just don't want you to look back at yourself in a few years and cringe at
how stupid you were, because that's what I'm doing right now lol. I read through my old
kupika diaries the other day and I was disgusted with how I used to act. I thought I had
like 7 mental disorders, I thought I was a cannibal, I thought necrophilia was some hot
shit. I was dumb as hell. so I'm just trying to help you in my own misguided bitchy way,
‹Christena› 4 April 2015  
Well, I appreciate that you want me to be open minded. But I assure you, I haven't
isolated my music taste. I listen to everything, even country and rap, and I enjoy it. As
long as the lyrics are good an meaningful. I know Andy is a prick. But his voice is
beautiful and so are most of his lyrics. I'm not one of the "fan girls" that love BVB for
Andy or Ashley. I just enjoy the music. I read more than just those poems. I have his
entire collection of poems. I also like Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. I dont think
that I have those disorders. I know I do. I was put in a hospital under observation and
diagnosed with them. I'm not being mysterious or a goth vampire thing or a cannibal. I'm a
little different than who I am surrounded by, but I'm insanely peculiar. The bottom line
is I'm myself, and I'm not trying to be cool or mysterious. I'm actually a really
intelligent and kind hearted person, for the most part. I appreciate your words though. 

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