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theunplayble 6 August 2017  
You're a 
b a b e
x_Moonlight_x 6 August 2017  
Uh. Thank you?
primwhitewolf 5 July 2017  
How did you get the nickname Fay?
x_Moonlight_x 5 July 2017  
It's a segment of my middle name.
YourEddieBear 1 July 2017  
congrats on the baby shower, I hope you have a fun time! youre going to be an amazing
x_Moonlight_x 1 July 2017  
Thank you very much.
Angeline321 15 June 2017  
Criminal minds...never seen it.Is it on Netflix?
x_Moonlight_x 15 June 2017  
primwhitewolf 10 April 2017  
Who is your favorite character on Criminal Minds?
x_Moonlight_x 10 April 2017  
Dr. Spencer Reid. It was Gideon but he is gone.
primwhitewolf 2 April 2017  
What do you think of the current storyline on Criminal Minds?
x_Moonlight_x 2 April 2017  
I honestly don't know. I'm a netflixer. I'm on season 6 now
primwhitewolf 31 March 2017  
It says in your profile to call you Fay, but your profile name is now Christena.  So what
should we call you then?
x_Moonlight_x 31 March 2017  
Fay is a nickname. Christena is my real name. Whichever you prefer.
Earthentitan 11 May 2016  
Makes sense. Either way, you can feel free to talk to me if you'd like.
x_Moonlight_x 11 May 2016  
Thank you. I'll be here for you to talk to as well
Earthentitan 12 March 2016  
Not trying to start problems, but why have an ad up that says you want people to talk to
if your profile suggests you don't?
x_Moonlight_x 12 March 2016  
That's a very excellent question.. I don't really feel like redoing my profile, but I'm
going to. That was quite hypocritical of me.
primwhitewolf 9 April 2015  
Wolves are amazing.   What do you like about wolves?
x_Moonlight_x 9 April 2015  
Their beauty and fierceness. Their elegance. Their primal instinct to protect their den.
Their revenge complex. Everything

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