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Chezsoop 16 June 2011  
Hello Kitty background!
xXLurancyVennumXx 16 June 2011  
‹zella;;the[[eccentric]]girl› 23 December 2010  
thanks<3 i <3 your profile too 
xXLurancyVennumXx 23 December 2010  
Thank you ^-^
Aerabella 23 September 2010  
Hey what was that song you posted lyrics to? It was something by Escape The Fate right???
xXLurancyVennumXx 23 September 2010  
Umm...I must check...
Aerabella 20 September 2010  
Okay, wow, just read the story, that's amazing!! (Yay I think I just found my latest
This story is just... well I can't even describe it. I'm gonna show this to my friends. x]
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 September 2010  
XD awesome. I AM obsessed, no idea why. I just love the macabre, supernatural, ya know?
Aerabella 20 September 2010  
Yes, Drop Dead, Gorgeous=AWESOME<333
And Lurancy Vennum...did she have schizophrenia?
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 September 2010  
Did you read the story XD? Nah, it was spirit possession apparently. Good story. Yes,
DD,G is amazing  You play piano? Cool!
Aerabella 20 September 2010  
Do you like Black Veil Brides? Or Get Scared?
And yeah, you were right, we are alike.
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 September 2010  
Hm...I've heard a few Black Veil Bride songs, they're okay  I've never heard of Get
Scared, are they metal? Do you like Drop Dead, Gorgeous of Escape The Fate? I plan on
naming my daughter Lurancy Vennum (note screenname , you should look her up  I love
cool old names like that.
Kai_WeAreAllAnimals 20 August 2010  
You should def see life of brian then =p
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 August 2010  
I suppose I shall 
Kai_WeAreAllAnimals 20 August 2010  
Haha awesome well I myself think Life Of Brian is better :P
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 August 2010  
Oh i've only seen that one 
Kai_WeAreAllAnimals 20 August 2010  
Haha no you won't 
xXLurancyVennumXx 20 August 2010  
I did too D: There was an artsy background, and you love monty python :D Love the Holy
Grail XD
Kai_WeAreAllAnimals 19 August 2010  
I meant the changes to my profile
and ya sodahead 
sodahead.com/jonsessed thats my profile.
its a really awesome site you ask and answer questions and make blogs and stuff. you
should get one! its a lot simpler then on here... i like it better i stilll like kupika
but ya =p
xXLurancyVennumXx 19 August 2010  
Cool  I'll check it out 

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