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‹MiHoyMinoy› 23 April 2019  
Hi Andy, I think you're randy.
vans 23 April 2019  
I h8 u
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 15 October 2018  
hey i logged back into this after so long. if you ever log in and see this you should
message me on one of these : my number is 6062693387 my snapchat is felix7alexandr ,
hopefully you see this i miss our convos
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 24 October 2015  
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
vans 24 October 2015  
:0 !!!!!! Hasn't it been like forever?!?!
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 27 May 2014  
vans 27 May 2014  
‹011100110111010001101001011011000110110001101110› 12 December 2013  
Your little kupikan character is adorable js
vans 12 December 2013  
Thank you C: I made him/her to perfection
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 23 September 2013  
Maybe its bc I'm mexican???
vans 23 September 2013  
Prob c;
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 23 September 2013  
 I was trying to be cute???
vans 23 September 2013  
You are cute and so tan how is that even possible I'm jealous
‹~MorningSeemsSoFarAway~› 17 September 2013  
omf ive been gone forever
vans 17 September 2013  
‹stickyvaporeon› 26 August 2013  
awesome. Vans are my favorite shoes. 
I have pinstripe ones that I adore, but I've had them
forever and they're getting beat to crap. I'd love to buy
a new pair but they don't sell them anymore ;-;
vans 26 August 2013  
Try in their official site, or ebay :o
lol i own like 6 pairs, theyre so perfect
i love them c:
‹stickyvaporeon› 26 August 2013  
Vans like the shoes?
vans 26 August 2013  
or the type of automobile, I love both c:

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