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just_your_average 29 March 2016  
Would you bake a cake to somebody who compliments you? Because I you are adorable.
slavetofemales 29 March 2016  
Thank you for the compliment as for making a cake if I was living with the one that did
the compliment then yea. Now tell me what is it you desire
‹stickyvaporeon› 20 January 2015  
step into the groove my nigga
slavetofemales 20 January 2015  
talk to me in message or letter please
‹stickyvaporeon› 20 January 2015  
can you dance 
under the full moon
in the little peeper cricket grass 
of the early morning 
the late night 
the sap leaking from the trees 
in amber tears, calling the bees 
can you taste the water in the air 
running in circles fast until we fall 
and scrape our knees
but we laugh? 

fuck I might be high hhaha 
it's a wonderful day
slavetofemales 20 January 2015  
interesting way to say hello
Bad_is_the_new_good 9 November 2013  
Hello, How is your day going?
slavetofemales 9 November 2013  
good so far.
iamsexy8 17 January 2013  
be my slave 
slavetofemales 17 January 2013  
sure but message me the question next time.
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› 26 September 2012  
Bake me a cupcake, ho >:c
slavetofemales 26 September 2012  
why would I make a cupcake to one that just insulted me??
lovestar8010 3 July 2012  
hi! how is your summer?
slavetofemales 3 July 2012  
‹his_girl18› 3 July 2012  
do u have a gf? well, now u do. MSG me.
slavetofemales 3 July 2012  
hold on a sec there
‹_Lumenol_› 7 March 2012  

Help bring him to justice by making him famous. Hes been invisible to the world long
slavetofemales 7 March 2012  
emo_panda_chef 28 July 2011  
No offense intended, but I'm sure your mind would be fun to dissect and figure out =w=
I'd love to take you apart and put you back together, being able to guess your every move
and why you do what it is you do <3
slavetofemales 28 July 2011  
go ahead and try to dicect me

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