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‹Bisexual_babe290› 16 June 2009  
hi sexy
sarah_turns_emo 16 June 2009  
Kazol3 7 June 2009  
gay,lesbian stuff like that
sarah_turns_emo 7 June 2009  
oh! message meh its way easier! kakay?
Kazol3 5 June 2009  
lol i know what that means
sarah_turns_emo 5 June 2009  
what what means?
Kazol3 27 May 2009  
na my friends will hate me because if i have a friend that likes sex they'll think I'LL
like it...........
sarah_turns_emo 27 May 2009  
lol! my bud michael thinks im a freak cause i like gays. gays as in two guys making out.
he can be an ass.
Kazol3 16 May 2009  
you seem cool except i don't like cyber and sex
sarah_turns_emo 16 May 2009  
it is okay we can be friends though
‹JustSimplyMegan› 23 April 2009  
Yupp:D Him.
sarah_turns_emo 23 April 2009  
CRAP! thats not my brother. thats my bff. hes a faker! he likes to pretend im his sister.
‹JustSimplyMegan› 22 April 2009  
sarah_turns_emo 22 April 2009  
whos derek? are you talking about Derek_hates_life?
‹JustSimplyMegan› 21 April 2009  
What happened to your brother he wanted to ask me something:D
Any who how are you??
sarah_turns_emo 21 April 2009  
im good. what brother
‹puzzylover› 10 February 2009  
hey..,have a gr8 valentine day

sarah_turns_emo 10 February 2009  
thanx! u 2! i hope u find ur luv!
‹puzzylover› 3 February 2009  
sarah_turns_emo 3 February 2009  
nice kat,mann! lol

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