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thefootisamouth 5 December 2018  
pussydestroyer 5 December 2018  
ok daddy
adamthemanaphy 5 September 2018  
You rock.
pussydestroyer 5 September 2018  
thanks dad
thefootisamouth 29 July 2018  
"i am smooth and beautiful like a beluga"

Honey you should show that big ole' honkin' beluga, but i'm sure it will fit in my tiny
mouth :333 
pussydestroyer 29 July 2018  
time and a place, babes
just let me know
thefootisamouth 13 July 2018  
Spank my ass with chili sauce and ram a rake down my fingernail slit.
pussydestroyer 13 July 2018  
god yes this sounds like a good way to spend a Thursday evening
thefootisamouth 28 June 2018  
Thank you
pussydestroyer 28 June 2018  
thefootisamouth 28 June 2018  
You wanna hanky pank my doot doot?
pussydestroyer 28 June 2018  
rem 7 April 2018  
your new profile makes you sound like hadiya
pussydestroyer 7 April 2018  
that's more of an insult to her than it is to me
so i win
‹totodile› 17 March 2018  
ur art? good.
pussydestroyer 17 March 2018  
diolch yn fawr, fy ffrind
thefootisamouth 13 March 2018  
I was born and raised in California. I am Caucasian. I am single. I
am 5' 8'' (1.74m) I have dark eyes and always dark hair. I like ALL
kinds of food. I'm a fooditarian, a ''foodie'' for short. I am not
fat! I am here to meet girls from wherever. I prefer that you speak
(write) English. Love and romance, both. I do not smoke. I can not
sing. I am not a sports fan. I have some hobbies and lots of skills. I
have HAD many different pets. A fish (ran away), a cat (fought a
car.....and lost), a dog (got sick and never recovered), a lizard (set
free) and a Black Widow spider (she had babies and time to go). 
My reasoning of God. Religion must die for mankind to live. Faith
means making a virtue out of not thinking. Those who preach faith who
enable and elevate it. Are just mind controlling slave holders,
keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned
and justified so much lunacy and destruction. (The Inquisition, The
Crusades, and September eleventh and many, many more examples.) The
only appropriate attitude for mankind to have about the big questions
is not the "arrogant certitude" that is the hallmark of ALL religions,
but doubt. Doubt is humble, and that's what man needs to be. That is
why rational people, anti-religious people, must end their timidity
and come out and assert themselves. If you belonged to a political
party or a social club that was tied to so much bigotry, misogyny,
homophobia, violence and sheer ignorance as religion is, you'd resign
in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler. If the world does
come to an end here, or wherever, decimated by the effects of
religion-inspired nuclear terrorism, lets remember what the real
problem was that we learned how to precipitate mass death before we
got passed the neurological disorder of wishing for it. 
I am not here to change your mind, or who you are. This is just MY
belief and who I am.
pussydestroyer 13 March 2018  
SubGenius 12 February 2018  
my profile isn't pretentious it's a dumb youtube comment i saw on a xasthur video  :c
pussydestroyer 12 February 2018  
as long as you're mocking the pretentiousness, i won't laugh at you. much.

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