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‹Boat Man› 31 January 2014  
Your Tic-Tac-Toe game...
I like you XD
primwhitewolf 31 January 2014  
That's cool.
Andrewella 20 July 2013  

You're Canadian. I like you.
primwhitewolf 20 July 2013  
Thank you.   I see you are Canadian too.
Link_13 6 April 2013  
Thats what I've heard. I will have to check it out. ^_^
Also you have great taste in music. Lol :D
primwhitewolf 6 April 2013  
Thanks a lot.   I'm glad you agree with my music choice.
Link_13 6 April 2013  
NCIS and NCIS LA. I have been meaning to watch Bones, since my best friend loves it, but
I just haven't had time to check it out.
primwhitewolf 6 April 2013  
Awesome.   NCIS and NCIS LA are great shows.    You should really try to watch Bones
sometime.   It is so funny and has great characters.
Link_13 4 April 2013  
You have great tastes in music and tv shows. ^_^
primwhitewolf 4 April 2013  
Thank you.  Which tv shows do you like in common with me?
SilentTearsFromEmptyEyes 1 January 2013  
Silent tears from empty eyes
Tell me things that I despise

Hurt me with your spoken threats
Tell me how to claim my debt

Bruises mar my porcelain skin
Tell me that I'll never win.

Say you love me and take it back
Tell me how I have to act.

Tell me all the things you want.
But its over. Now Im done.
primwhitewolf 1 January 2013  
That is a great poem.   I love it.
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› 28 July 2010  
primwhitewolf 28 July 2010  
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› 28 July 2010  
I know.
primwhitewolf 28 July 2010  
So what's new?
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› 28 July 2010  
I know it shows on here. But I wasn't going to say what school on here. I'm not stupid.
primwhitewolf 28 July 2010  
Okay, but people can still see what we are saying.
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› 27 July 2010  
I think I've found a school..
primwhitewolf 27 July 2010  
That is awesome.   You know this stuff is showing up on my profile page right?   Wanna to
switch to message mode?

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