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‹♊™› 25 May 2014  
May I add you as a friend, please?
mahmahmah 25 May 2014  
If you like
PerfectImperfections 20 May 2014  
That song is beaut :,)
mahmahmah 20 May 2014  
Thank you, if you are wondering what it was.. It's Last Carnival by Acoustic Cafe
Phantom 3 May 2014  
cause its an older account and appears hardly used..so either you use a diff one as your
main one and this one for roleplaying or something or you hardly come on to kupika...just
wanted to know which it was
mahmahmah 3 May 2014  
It's only about a year old and I take breaks from time to time. This is my main account.
Phantom 3 May 2014  
hi Kina is this an alternative account on Kupika for you or  your main one?
mahmahmah 3 May 2014  
‹I-Want-The-Doitsu› 4 April 2013  
Where do you go? :c
mahmahmah 4 April 2013  
D: Ahh! I am so sorry, I swear I replied.. I so stupid ;^; I will write myself a note
from now on! (plus I kind of left at a suspenseful part sorry again!)
akarimoe 18 March 2013  
Làm thế nào về cướp biển? Điều đó sẽ được vui vẻ.
mahmahmah 18 March 2013  
That would be fun!! That will be one of my choices.
thisislife 17 March 2013  
You should.
mahmahmah 17 March 2013  
thisislife 17 March 2013  
You should post the bunny pictures for everyone to see
mahmahmah 17 March 2013  
I should, shouldn't I.
thisislife 17 March 2013  
Your profile is adorable
mahmahmah 17 March 2013  
Aw thanks :3

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