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‹Aeternum Vale› 1 June 2016  

hi hi omg your taste in music is fucking grand thank u
‹Between The Doubts› 1 June 2016  
Thank you. Yes, the music is pretty great. Wouldn't be alive without it.
plur_love_sgtc_botdf 23 October 2013  
Hi sis! <3
‹Between The Doubts› 23 October 2013  
Hieeeeee! <3
‹•West•› 10 October 2013  
I'll just continue entering contests, and begging my mom cx
‹Between The Doubts› 10 October 2013  
Yeah. It's definitely worth going to.
‹•West•› 10 October 2013  
omg! You're so lucky! I'm still trying to get tickets!
‹Between The Doubts› 10 October 2013  
Yeah, I know! I hope you can get a ticket and go. It's totally worth it. <3
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
You went to the Bad Blood Tour!?
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
Yes. And met the guys! They're two of the sweetest people I've ever met in my entire
life. <3
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
Ah! BOTDF! I love Something Grimm~
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
"Something Grimm" is amazing! They played it on their tour, and it was great!
Mennis99 6 December 2012  
METAL!!!! m/
‹Between The Doubts› 6 December 2012  
Yes. lml (>. <
TheBitchyAlien 29 July 2012  
Indeed, metal is the way to be.
‹Between The Doubts› 29 July 2012  
Yeah! lml (>.<
AMINAL 9 July 2012  
‹Between The Doubts› 9 July 2012  
Excuse me?
‹xMetal_Headx› 19 April 2012  
awesome taste in music
‹Between The Doubts› 19 April 2012  
Thanks. lml (>. <

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