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‹Aeternum Vale› 1 June 2016  

hi hi omg your taste in music is fucking grand thank u
‹Between The Doubts› 1 June 2016  
Thank you. Yes, the music is pretty great. Wouldn't be alive without it.
plur_love_sgtc_botdf 23 October 2013  
Hi sis! <3
‹Between The Doubts› 23 October 2013  
Hieeeeee! <3
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
I'll just continue entering contests, and begging my mom cx
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
Yeah. It's definitely worth going to.
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
omg! You're so lucky! I'm still trying to get tickets!
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
Yeah, I know! I hope you can get a ticket and go. It's totally worth it. <3
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
You went to the Bad Blood Tour!?
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
Yes. And met the guys! They're two of the sweetest people I've ever met in my entire
life. <3
‹•West•› 9 October 2013  
Ah! BOTDF! I love Something Grimm~
‹Between The Doubts› 9 October 2013  
"Something Grimm" is amazing! They played it on their tour, and it was great!
Mennis99 5 December 2012  
METAL!!!! m/
‹Between The Doubts› 5 December 2012  
Yes. lml (>. <
TheBitchyAlien 29 July 2012  
Indeed, metal is the way to be.
‹Between The Doubts› 29 July 2012  
Yeah! lml (>.<
AMINAL 8 July 2012  
‹Between The Doubts› 8 July 2012  
Excuse me?
‹xMetal_Headx› 19 April 2012  
awesome taste in music
‹Between The Doubts› 19 April 2012  
Thanks. lml (>. <

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