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‹ersatz› 2 October 2014  
I already saw it a long time ago and it pissed me off. they completely underestimated
‹kidGoku› 2 October 2014  
I just said tell me in a message. Not on here
‹ersatz› 2 October 2014  
that's opinion based. i'm asking for your opinion
‹kidGoku› 2 October 2014  
I would say Goku. However if you go to youtube and type in Goku VS. Superman you would
see what I mean. Oh and the next time you want to ask a question Message me.
‹ersatz› 1 October 2014  
who would win
goku vs superman
‹kidGoku› 1 October 2014  
I have already seen a fight between the two. Superman won
Austin_Mahonebabe123 20 January 2013  
You yeah you geuss what I love you!<3
‹kidGoku› 20 January 2013  
lol thanks
‹his_girl18› 3 July 2012  
do u have a gf? well, now u do. MSG me.
‹kidGoku› 3 July 2012  
hold on a sec  and I do mean hold
im_lonely_forever 9 March 2012  
<3 You
‹kidGoku› 9 March 2012  
‹_Lumenol_› 7 March 2012  

Help bring him to justice by making him famous. Hes been invisible to the world long
‹kidGoku› 7 March 2012  
thanks for the video man
iceicecat 31 August 2011  
dude stop trying to chat with me
skyscraper 28 August 2011  
‹kidGoku› 28 August 2011  
hello talk to me on chat
shadowgirllove 22 May 2011  
i am a sorry lady and a sad girl 
‹kidGoku› 22 May 2011  

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