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ntnick 20 July 2015  
I'd have to disagree.
enigmatic 20 July 2015  
see ya later
ntnick 20 July 2015  
I was telling someone how I used to have a friend that was the only person I've ever
known that could rival my weirdness that I fell out of contact with and then poof you
appeared a few days later :o
enigmatic 20 July 2015  
we both know I surpassed your wierdness
ntnick 20 July 2015  
I was just talking about you a few days ago :o
enigmatic 20 July 2015  
I came back for today and tomorrow to check some old diary entries
Skunkk7 29 October 2014  
You're eating nipples?
enigmatic 29 October 2014  
Nips are a brand of candy.
BasicMonroe 24 October 2014  
that's ronnie radke's voice

but it's not his song

i know it's his voice : (
wtf is this >:c
enigmatic 24 October 2014  
Situations - Escape the Fate
‹ItsJustMeGuysDontFreak› 24 October 2014  
*patience* xD
enigmatic 24 October 2014  
you're great okay (':
crazyhot 25 September 2014  
enigmatic 25 September 2014  
I see.
BasicMonroe 24 September 2014  
*whispers* soft pretzels are bomb
enigmatic 24 September 2014  
yes so bomb man ;-;
I really want one now though x.x
ntnick 19 August 2014  
*reaches into your mouth and pulls it out* got it!
enigmatic 19 August 2014  
ntnick 19 August 2014  
O.o it crawled in your mouth
enigmatic 19 August 2014  
get it out
get it out

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