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‹BringFazzaTheHorizon› 20 August 2014  
‹djdave10109› 20 August 2014  
i dont know what about but you have spoken to me
‹BringFazzaTheHorizon› 20 August 2014  
I'm on your friends list but have no idea who you are?
‹djdave10109› 20 August 2014  
we have spoken a few times before
‹Bethharris› 23 March 2013  
How r u
‹djdave10109› 23 March 2013  
Ok wbu
sinclare 8 August 2012  
i appear to have a bit of amnesia on my mind...
i do believe i'm going quite mad!
‹djdave10109› 8 August 2012  
ok how would you like me to help
‹his_girl18› 2 July 2012  
do you have a gf? well, now u do. MSG me.
‹djdave10109› 2 July 2012  
yeah she goes to ma mates school
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› 30 June 2012  
So just remember it's all in your head<3
‹djdave10109› 30 June 2012  
what is
‹IsAnyoneUp!?› 20 June 2012  
So who is using your account right now? Boy or Girl?
‹djdave10109› 20 June 2012  
boy its me djdazza1
‹Bethharris› 30 May 2012  
‹djdave10109› 30 May 2012  
‹Bethharris› 29 May 2012  
‹djdave10109› 29 May 2012  
‹djdave10109› 11 May 2012  
dont tell me what to do
‹djdave10109› 11 May 2012  

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