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‹xXxSpacigurlxXx› 10 November 2008  
lol thx 4 da hug btw so msg me sometime, k?
cutypy10 10 November 2008  
‹AudioWhore› 1 July 2008  
hi....i'm on your friends list....
cutypy10 1 July 2008  
you are????
falloutrocker 1 May 2008  
uh. why am i on your friends list?
i dnt know you O_O
uh yeah.
just that thats a bit weird...
cutypy10 1 May 2008  
my friend went on my account  and messed everything up
StarxKatie 22 April 2008  
Why am I on your friends list?
I don't know you. Take me off please.
cutypy10 22 April 2008  
punk_kid_oooo 30 January 2008  
never minde
cutypy10 30 January 2008  
nevr mind what?
punk_kid_oooo 29 January 2008  
cutypy10 29 January 2008  
wat what?
punk_kid_oooo 23 January 2008  
hi i m emily. was up?
cutypy10 23 January 2008  
emily wat
Frog_Lady 2 December 2007  
sorry, the club is www.kupika.com/club/Frog_Ladys_Club
cutypy10 2 December 2007  
Frog_Lady 22 November 2007  
Hey! I have a new club! It is cool, we have families and all that! it is
cutypy10 22 November 2007  
i'll have to check it out!!!!
cutypy10 2 November 2007  
Hi Peoplez.
Its cutypy10 AKA STARBURST!!!

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