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thefootisamouth 13 July 2018  
Spank my ass with chili sauce and ram a rake down my fingernail slit.
crazyhot 13 July 2018  
I've heard better
TheFameMonster 21 March 2018  
thanks, i did that from my phone so it didnt clear out the text box. lmfao
crazyhot 21 March 2018  
TheFameMonster 20 March 2018  
questions / comments / testimonialsYou deserve 5 stars wtf.
crazyhot 20 March 2018  
Ikr that's my current mission, also nice fail
thefootisamouth 4 March 2018  
I will lick endless rings around the mushroom head of your meatstick. It's hurricane
katrina in my cave right now, and I'm ready for a good milking
crazyhot 4 March 2018  
You can try
thefootisamouth 28 February 2018  
I want to poop in your stinker
crazyhot 28 February 2018  
Good for you
thefootisamouth 28 February 2018  
Will you massage my anus?
crazyhot 28 February 2018  
‹totodile› 16 February 2018  
isn't it wild how you just... exist and shit
how we all just... exist
and also shit
crazyhot 16 February 2018  
‹The_President_Of_Kupika› 28 November 2017  
I think we should end this betting thing. KYREDERF wants nothing to do with it, and
what's the use of playing if we only have one player?
crazyhot 28 November 2017  
idc if he says he's not ending it, I never asked him to began with, he thinks he has any
say to it which I find adorable
Shydarkness 27 November 2017  
crazyhot 27 November 2017  
rem 7 October 2017  
Wat up with...whore..
crazyhot 7 October 2017  
Great question 10/10

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