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shybuthot 15 August 2013  
you're hot x
‹Sophia Meztli› 15 August 2013  
mm thanks
‹Legendary Catwoman› 8 April 2012  
Is Ok I have been with lots of work too asi q no te preocupes yo entiendo  But Im doing
good too. Trying to fight over big situations. 
‹Sophia Meztli› 8 April 2012  
Oooooo okkk cool and srry to heard that 
‹Legendary Catwoman› 4 April 2012  
Brenda!! I have missed u a lot girl! How are you?  *hugs*
‹Sophia Meztli› 4 April 2012  
im doin fine and srry i havnt go online to tlk to u y tu ???
‹Legendary Catwoman› 30 December 2011  
Love your new profile!!! 
‹Sophia Meztli› 30 December 2011  
YEs loolz 
‹Legendary Catwoman› 16 June 2011  

MCR enjoy  <3
‹Sophia Meztli› 16 June 2011  
omg cool LOL <3
‹ღĐąяҝ☣Ąηgәŀღ› 8 June 2011  
epic playlist (love Tears dont fall)
‹Sophia Meztli› 8 June 2011  
thanks that my fav song
‹Legendary Catwoman› 7 June 2011  
YAY!!! I made it!!  
‹Sophia Meztli› 7 June 2011  
welll yeah
‹Legendary Catwoman› 7 June 2011  
Awesome that's what I want 
‹Sophia Meztli› 7 June 2011  
lol ok im happy today
‹Legendary Catwoman› 7 June 2011  
I'll tickle you until you are happy again 
‹Sophia Meztli› 7 June 2011  
heyyy im tickleish lol
‹Legendary Catwoman› 21 May 2011  
Im doing great and you? 
updating my friends list and background
‹Sophia Meztli› 21 May 2011  

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